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Busting the 3 Most Common Fitness Myths One of the hardest things to achieve is optimum fitness. With so many temptations around us, it can be difficult to stay on track and silence out the distractions to bring ourselves to our fitness goals. Although we might be exercising all the effort to stay dedicated to our health goals, there are some practices that aren’t actually doing us any good despite our thinking that they’re the right choice for us. Keep yourself informed and avoid getting pulled back by false knowledge. Optimize your effort and get the best out of your struggle by knowing more about the three most common fitness myths today. 1. Lifting Weights Will Make Me Look Bulky – Getting bulky is a common fitness goal for men, but for women, it’s the complete opposite of a dream. Visit any gym and it will be clear as day – there is a great divide with men always working out with weights, and women doing cardio on bikes and treadmills. However, contrary to what many of us might think, weight lifting doesn’t always equal muscle gain. It always depends on how much weight you plan to lift. Light weights and multiple repetitions will make for lean and slim muscles. For increasing muscle bulk, lifting heavier and lifting less will prove to be most beneficial. 2. Sleep Causes Weight Gain – There have been lots of instances of people deliberately depriving their bodies of sleep because they were afraid to gain fat. But modern science has taught us that the opposite is true – not sleeping will cause you to bloat up. That’s because damaged cells and depleted energy levels are renewed and restored during sleep. You ultimately take away your body’s opportunity for recovery and healing by depriving it of sleep. The only other alternative then is for the body to crave for something else that will give it energy, and that’s food.
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3. The Calories in Healthy Food Doesn’t Count – A common suggestion you’ll hear from people is that you should choose your food wisely to prevent weight gain. Drop the burger and eat tofu instead. If you just change your diet to healthy food, you’ll be on your way to slimmer days and faster weight loss. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with choosing healthy food, but it should be clear that no matter what food you eat, calories will always count the same. A calorie is not a unit of fat, it’s a unit of energy, and when that energy isn’t used up, it’s stored in the form of fat. Regardless of whether you at a hundred calories of fruit or a hundred calories of chips, those calories will turn into fat unless you do something about it.The Beginners Guide To Exercises (Chapter 1)