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Botox has been in use for so many years in the past especially in the industry that deals with cosmetics to treat wrinkles on the face. Clostridium botulinum is the bacteria from which the product Botox is derived from, and when in its initial concentration, it is harmful as it can make one get the food poisoning, but for cosmetic surgery, it is diluted up to the level that is safe to be present in the body of a human being.
To remove the frown lines from the face and the creases that are available, small quantities of the Botox extract are injected into the muscles of the face which act towards achieving the ultimate goal of gaining a wrinkle free face. The frown lines are as a result of the reaction of the chemicals that are produced by the nerve cells which cause the facial muscles to tighten, and therefore what Botox does is to hinder these particular chemicals hence weakening the contraction of the muscles and in return give the skin a smooth appearance.
Some things that may interfere with the beauty of a natural facial expression include the wrinkles on the face or forehead, the crows feet on the eyes, creases that usually seen around and on the mouth, and this can be gotten rid of by the help of the use of Botox which when applied makes an individual have the feeling of gentle relaxation from within themselves. No one should not be afraid to pursue the Botox treatment when the doctor has proved that you qualify for it because it is safe since professionals do handle the procedure in the right manner giving the best services.
Botox treat is very quick as compared to other types of surgery, and also id does not need anesthesia because one is only given Botox injection which is not very painful. Recovery time depends on how the individual handles themselves after the procedure, for instance if they end up scratching the treated areas, it will be very difficult to heal, and also if they lie down for long, the Botox might spread to other untreated areas making it to be a more complex situation, and therefore one needs to be very careful during this period.
Mild bruising at the injected region and the slight headache are the known side effects of the Botox treatment hence it is a safe procedure as earlier stated. At the point one decides to undergo the procedure, they should do some research so that they can get an appropriate surgeon to take them through the procedure.

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