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Boost Your Health and Fitness Levels with Yoga and Massage The numerous benefits of yoga to our health and psychological well-being are well-documented. If you can add massage therapy to your yoga practice, you will get to relieve tension in some sore muscles that may be hard to reach with yoga, while also enhancing your physical and mental health. This article looks at how both yoga and massage can help boost your health fitness levels, and why you should consider incorporating them into your regular schedule. Greater power Yoga makes your more flexible, and flexibility is important if you want to keep your joints and muscles safe. It’s quite common for strength trainers to get tense muscles after many sessions in the gym. Top athletes and bodybuilders love getting a good massage for this very reason. By making the muscles more and joints supple, both yoga and massage therapies help increase the ability to lift heavier weights. Additionally, injury risk is reduced, and muscle recovery is quicker. If you can’t make time to enroll for yoga class, consider at least getting a massage from a qualified massage therapist.
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Enhanced control
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Yoga practices help build body awareness, increasing your ability to adjust the muscles appropriately to avoid injury when working out. During yoga class, we are told to “feel the lungs expand” and other similar things. It’s usually in these practices that we cultivate a strong body-mind connection, as we learn to pay attention to the body. For bodybuilders/athletes, enhanced control is important for sharper focus during training. Better sleep That a good night’s sleep is vital for an optimal sense of balance and body performance is a well-known fact. Numerous studies document the beneficial effects of yoga on sleep quality for both insomniacs and normal people. This can be attributed to the lowered stress levels resulting from practicing yoga. All those breathing and stretching and mental exercises have a calming effect on the mind, leading to better relaxation and ultimately better sleep. If you’ve had nothing but poor sleep, however, you body and mind’s ability to relax will be highly hampered A massage also produces a somewhat similar relaxation effect, so why not double up to experience even greater benefits! Control food cravings If you want to lose fat and get fitter and healthier, yoga could be the answer. By practicing yoga, you get to eat more mindfully, with a background awareness that helps in several ways. The mind-body connection will for one help you defeat cravings, especially where unhealthy foods are involved. This is explained by how you slow down and become more aware of your food choices. Both Yoga and massage therapies are great relaxation techniques that can be of immense benefit to anyone who consistently practices them.