February 28, 2024


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3 Gifts that Every Mother Would Love and Appreciate

Moms deserve your love, appreciation, and sincerest admiration. Their jobs are never easy. But they dedicate themselves wholly to raising their children from day one. So, to thank your mom for all she’s done, and all she continues to do, gift her with one of the following 3 gift ideas.

DIY Gifts with Handprints & Footprints

Handprints and footprints are entirely your own—100% unique. And they change and grow as you get older. So the same little hands that your mom used to hold and kiss have blossomed to adult hands, with fingerprints that are still truly, genuinely unique. This is a great idea for small children, but adults can get in on the fun too. Dip your handprints and footprints in ink or paint, then stamp it on a canvas or big piece of paper. Write out sweet nothings in Sharpie or calligraphy ink around the prints. Then frame it.

Handwritten Books of Memories & Sweet Nothings

Your mom remembers your first words, first steps, first foods…a lifetime of firsts. She even remembers your first cries—the ones that erupted from your little lungs when she brought you into the world. It’s a beautiful thing, for sure. So, show her what you remember. In a leather-bound journal, write down all of your memories of you and your mom. Like the time she took you to the park to fly a kite, or the shows you used to watch together. And then, at the end of the book, write down how much she means to you. Tell her you love her, appreciate her, and admire her for all that she is.

Sentimental Trinkets for Her Collectibles Collection

If your mom is a collector of certain trinkets or specific collectibles, give her new ones for a new reason to be sentimental. There are hundreds of trinkets that would likely mean the world to her. And, most of the time, you can snag a collectible that has been handmade, or even commissioned, specifically for a mom.

How long has it been since you and your mom went out to eat and to the movies? Make a date of it. Bring her a bouquet of gorgeous flowers, take her to a nice restaurant, and then take her to see a movie of her choice. Or, better yet, take her to see a play or musical on your local stage (if she loves that sort of activity). Then gift her with one of the amazing presents mentioned above. From sentimental giftsthat make the biggest differences, to a hope piano lesson that allows mom to develop a deeper lovefor music, there are no shortage of gift ideas for mom.