February 22, 2024


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A few Bizarre Prison Law Tales From Florida

As a follower of and writer about the prison legislation, this author often reports on peculiar legal regulation tales from the State of Florida. In this article are a few of my favourite classic stories I would like to share with a wider planet.

Orange County. Florida: Veteran’s Day weekend, 2010, the Orange County Sheriff’s Section turned a nationwide laughingstock when it was noted that sheriff deputies and customers of the Florida Department of Small business and Experienced Regulation carried out a sequence of warrantless raids versus nearby Orlando barbershops that manufactured historical past for arresting 35 folks on misdemeanor charges of “barbering with out a license,” following having expended quite a few months investigating the matter. A documents verify disclosed that in the very last ten yrs only a few persons in the full point out of Florida had been sent to jail on these types of charges. In the fast situations, quite a few of the warrantless sweeps entailed officers swarming the barbershops that had youngsters within and placing the barbers in handcuffs and “perp going for walks” them to law enforcement automobiles. At least just one felony arrest was made when one of the raids netted a barber with an unlicensed handgun. We find out even further that all the barbershops were being in the African American and Hispanic neighborhoods.
This startling report would make just one ponder no matter whether these neighborhoods are identified for becoming hotbeds of “criminal barbering?”

New Port Richey, Florida: This bizarre tale is also from 2010. As many of you know, “4 Loko” is a caffeinated alcoholic consume. A New Port Richey gentleman drank 4 bottles and then went on a naked rampage. Law enforcement report that the 21-12 months-previous person ran barefooted out of the back again of his house to a household a couple blocks away, smashed a sliding glass door and ransacked the property. He following took off his clothing, defecated on the ground and ripped the oven door off its hinges, in accordance to Pasco County deputies. At a further dwelling a female arrived home to locate the bare man smeared with blood, sleeping on her couch. She called 911. In accordance to a report, when deputies arrived, the person allegedly mentioned: “Why am I getting arrested? I didn’t steal nearly anything.” He was charged with two counts of theft.
The headline to this minor story could have read: “Loko Gone Loco.” It is almost certainly ideal to keep absent from this hazardous merchandise.

Hernando County Jail, Florida: 2011. Unusual items occur in jail. A jail inmate in Hernando County did not have more than enough honeybuns to spend off a gambling financial debt and was paid out off with a punch in the deal with. The inmate admitted he dropped a soccer guess with a fellow prisoner. The loser of the wager mentioned he went to guess winner’s cell to give him the bear claws he owed him, but he was quick 4 honeybuns. The bet winner was not delighted about getting stiffed on the guess and punched the loser so difficult that he experienced to be hospitalized. Of course, the winner of the wager and the puncher. was arrested on a battery charge.
If this had been on line casino gambling the guess loser could have wagered: I will see your one bear claw and elevate you four honeybuns…