October 3, 2022


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A new dawn? How India Is Regulating Online Gaming & Fantasy Sports

According to a report produced by KPMG, gamechilling, a craze has found a substantial increase in India with lockdowns and work from house types.[1] The Indian on the net gaming market place observed a drastic increase in the profits contribution of the gaming marketplace at rupees 60 billion. This comes at a time when the legality of on the web gambling and fantasy sports activities is a contentious issue. With condition governments banning on-line-gambling whilst courts declaring these types of rules violate the provisions of the Indian Constitution: the authorized landscape of on the internet-gambling continues to be uncertain. This report attempts to decode, clarify and analyse the new developments on this front.

Particularly, it bargains with:

  • The Legality Of Gambling In India
  • The Legality of On the web-Gambling
  • Current judicial conclusions
  • The rise in on the net fantasy sporting platforms
  • Afterthoughts


Eashwari Nair