March 20, 2023


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Circa lecturam arboris diversis olim diversum modum tenentibus

five leaves) two genealogical tables 24 x eighteen cm. Manuscript on vellum (four leaves) and paper (a person paper singleton extra at finish). Textual content in two columns, circa sixty five traces for every web page prepared in a late fifteenth-century hand, exhibiting impact of humanist script initials and paragraph-marks in red. Whole-web page illustrations of the arbor consanguinitatis and arbor affinitatis on leaves [two] verso and [3] recto. As a stylized tree, the roots of the arbor consanguinitatis are touched in brown clean, yellow branches, and red leaves. The arbor affinitatis is interconnected by a series of roundels beneath a black, red, and yellow wheel that surmounts a one arched yellow bar. Leaves [one], [3], and [five] rectos are blank.