June 21, 2024


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COVID-19 Workers Compensation Blogs for Healthcare Workers : Time to Be Different

I spoke about the pandemic’s impact on law company small business advancement with Jack Newton, the co-founder and CEO of Clio, a few months ago.

The emphasis was – at minimum for me – that this is the time to be as different and unique as doable. Staying the similar as other attorneys and you might not endure – pretty much.

What is does it mean to be different? It can be as straightforward as doing something that no other law firm in your town or condition is doing.

Let us acquire a Staff Payment law follow.

Individuals are not performing, so they’re unlikely to get harm. Administration promises might be slowed or stopped, so obtaining promises resolved has turn into in the vicinity of unattainable. Defense attorneys can protect people promises not transferring forward.

At the similar time, hundreds of health care personnel are becoming sickened by COVID-19. Here’s a story on these kinds of health care personnel in the State of Washington, by itself.

Publish a site for the State of Washington health care personnel COVID-19 personnel compensation promises. You will quickly turn into the primary resource on the matter.

Individuals will uncover the site by Google and phrase of the site will spread by phrase of mouth from health care worker to health care worker and  family customers to others, like health care personnel.

Forget about landing new conditions, that might might effectively transpire. But consider “I’m am individuals assisting on the front traces in the combat from the pandemic. I am earning a real difference ideal from my relatives room. This is why I became a law firm.”

Staff compensation law firm? This is not tough nor terribly time consuming.

  • You have the main knowledge of personnel compensation.
  • Place up a site internet site on a internet site that is different from your web page and any other site. Make it a real and authentic publication dedicated to health care personnel in your condition. That’s not a advertising and marketing web page nor site. Time to give.
  • LexBlog will give you a these kinds of a internet site, with coaching, consulting, internet hosting and no cost guidance for thirty-some dollars a thirty day period on our #Blog4Good software. Never have any assets, it’s no cost.
  • Make a list of all the regularly asked queries you and your crew can consider of. Convert the queries and answers into a one particular post (quick post) each and every. Some of our prosperous bloggers in excess of the past sixteen decades just answered queries one particular post at a time.
  • Seem all over the net for appropriate FAQ’s. Use the queries, you will need to draft the answers.
  • Seem at your state’s office of labor or personnel compensation internet site. Use their content in posts. Arrange it far better. Split it into much more digestible parts. Such government content is not password guarded.

LexBlog will assistance.

  • We’ll get up a national internet site on COVID-19 personnel comp promises for health care personnel and do appropriate profiling work for you.
  • We can coordinate a community for the trade of details among attorneys.
  • We can supply counsel and guidance for you.

Now have a comp site. Get it in LexBlog. It is no cost, We’ll curate the content anybody and now do it for individuals with COVID injuries.

I started out just expressing to be different. Alongside the way, I assumed of comp weblogs for health care personnel with COVID-19.  Is it a large place that wants to be dealt with? It appears to be so, but what do I know.

But even if it’s little number of individuals (and that would be wonderful) you would be assisting some individuals in real need. Individuals who are putting their lives to assistance individuals.

Very good factors appear to attorneys who assistance others – and you will be constructing a identify as a caring and professional law firm who can be trustworthy. That’s an asset you will carry for decades.

Be different. #Blog4Good