February 28, 2024


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Creating a CV Online or on Word?

24 Free Google Docs & Microsoft Word Resume CV Templates for 2020

Is it time to create or update your CV but you are hesitating between using an online CV generator or Word? While the first option makes it easier to find appealing CV templates, the second one may be the easiest to use for some job seekers. Which tool is best suited to your needs and profile?

Why Choose an Online CV Generator?

More and more online CV generators propose tools that help candidates in writing their curriculum vitae. Thus, the headings are created by default and you only have to fill them with your own information: name, marital status and contact details, training, professional experience, languages, skill, etc. Once this step is completed, you just have to choose between several CV templates and the CV creator will organize your resume.

If you create a CV online, you will benefit from many advantages. First, you will save time because the sections of your resume are already created, you just have to fill them with your information! The layout is automatic so, you will not have to bother about it. With an online generator, you only have to choose from several CV templates and easily have your own attractive and unique CV. Once the document is created, the online CV generator put it in PDF format, which is the recommended format for many reasons. Then, you will be able to download it and send it to recruiters!

The Advantages of Using Microsoft Word to Build a CV

Word processing software is one of the tools that everyone has on their computer. The most famous undoubtedly remains Word from Microsoft even if there are also other ones like Pages, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc. This kind of software allows you to easily type texts and lay out documents in a simple way. It is therefore quite possible to write your CV in Word and save it in PDF format if you want!

Even if it is difficult to make a modern, original and sophisticated layout on Word, it still has some advantages. The software is easy to use for almost everyone. There are no compulsory or pre-filled sections so, you are completely free to choose and organize the information you want to put on your curriculum vitae. You can lay out your CV as you wish since on Word, you can use the font of your choice. You can choose the format of your resume and leave it in .doc format or export it in PDF format.