December 6, 2023


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Given their problems, Iowa hog farmers should stay out of California ‘bacon law’ debate

Idyllic hog farms? Not really

The Desert Sunlight released an belief by visitor columnist Dwight Mogler on Feb. 21.

Mogler describes the idyllic problems in which his hogs are lifted. He is upset about California’s Proposition 12 “Bacon Law” and the impact it may well have on his farm and the pork industry.

The description of his farm does not deal with the pollution prompted by his and significant corporate farms. The Des Moines Register released an short article on the exact working day headlined, “About fifty percent of Iowa’s waterways stated as impaired in biannual DNR report.”

The tale inbound links to some others that explain the problems to Iowa’s waterways, such as:

One more news post in January informed of a farmer billed with neglect soon after 800 pigs on his farm died. There have been stories of fatalities connected to manure pits on farms.

I am the son of a third-era hog farmer and worked on the family members farm as a baby and youthful grownup. I selected a various route, going to university and into the medical discipline.

I would recommend Mogler clean up the manure in his individual backyard prior to he wades into California politics.

Ken Wetjen, Cathedral Town

U.S. ought to end shopping for Russian oil

I imagine most Americans loathe war. What we are witnessing in Ukraine is horrific on so quite a few ranges and we are generally helpless to aid those regrettable souls in their resistance.

Or are we?

I was stunned to learn the amount of money of help we are giving Russia by purchasing their oil and normal gasoline. We are funding the war, and I will not know anybody who wants to be complicit in the death and destruction occurring in Eastern Europe. In the identify of mercy, the Biden administration have to do the suitable matter.

They must neglect their hatred for Trump and reverse positions restricting our domestic generation of oil and purely natural gasoline. We could then turn out to be power unbiased and offer a lot more oil and pure gasoline to European nations that depend on Russia for these commodities too.

The benefits would not only aid defund Russia’s aggression, but aid decrease the skyrocketing inflation below and about the world.

Ellan Batavick, La Quinta

This article initially appeared on Palm Springs Desert Sunlight: Iowa hog farmers must continue to be out of California ‘bacon law’ discussion