October 3, 2022


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Google Makes Strong Statement In Favor of RSS, Blogs and Open Publishing

Discussion broke throughout the internet on Thursday morning that RSS and, with it, Google Reader was returning.

RSS, by which web-sites deliver written content to customers, in no way went anywhere, and no, Google Reader is not returning. 

But Google did make a solid statement that RSS is an integral way, along with e mail and notifications, for individuals to retain up with their favorite web-sites, which includes legal publications and blogs – as properly as to retain the world-wide-web a area for open up publishing.

Google’s Android variation of Chrome is heading to have a RSS function enabling customers to observe web-sites that support RSS.  

This is not a RSS reader. A tab website page will present you updates from the web-sites you have picked to observe. Not necessarily uncomplicated to use when pursuing much more than a little selection of web-sites. 

Google’s item manager for Google Chrome advised Techcruch’s Frederic Lardinois:

“Today, individuals have many strategies to retain up with their favorite web sites, which includes subscribing to mailing lists, notifications and RSS. It’s a great deal for any one human being to deal with, so we’re exploring how to simplify the working experience of finding the most up-to-date and greatest from your favorite web-sites immediately in Chrome, constructing on the open up RSS world-wide-web standard. Our vision is to support individuals make a direct connection with their favorite publishers and creators on the world-wide-web.”

In a more powerful statement about the importance of RSS for publishers and readers, Lardinois reviews that a Google spokesperson advised him that the way the firm has carried out this is to have Google crawl RSS feeds “more regularly to make sure Chrome will be ready to deliver the most up-to-date and greatest written content to customers in the Subsequent section on the New Tab website page.”

Although some might be consider the times of Camelot for RSS are above, I use RSS day to day. 

1, in finding my news and commentary and two, by using a RSS reader (Feedly). 

I’d be in serious trouble without having RSS. I suspect that is the scenario for serious bloggers and news reporters. 

I’m right with Lardinois,

“[RSS] continue to the least complicated way to get timely updates from your favorite web-sites (even though some might not offer feeds any more) without having any suggestion algorithms finding in your way.


I think a great deal of individuals will be happy to see that Google is bringing it back again as a core function of its browser. If you desire an open up world-wide-web, RSS, for all its occasional clumsiness, is the way to go.

Nevertheless an experiment, but unquestionably a solid statement from Google in favor of RSS and open up publishing (think blogs). Google is looking for ongoing feedback from bloggers and other publishers, as it “aims to make “deeper engagement between customers and world-wide-web publishers in Chrome.” 

Further engagement between bloggers/publishers. A solid statement.