November 29, 2023


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How to choose a beginner level crossbow

Crossbows are a recent choice for hunters now. Crossbows offer extra thrill and innovation while hunting. Who does not like shivering down through the spine while hunting? Hunting itself is a very generous hobby, hunting with a crossbow adds extra spice while going out for a tremor. That is why crossbows are recently being a hype among the hunters all over the world. Nobody is a pro right from the start. Here are some tips trying to pick up the first crossbow for beginners.

Crossbow can be many types. There are very advanced level crossbows existing. Crossbow industry evolved a lot. Combined with recent science, crossbows can be as deadly as other weapon. But the main suggestion while trying to pick up the first crossbow is to keep it not so out of league. It should not be too pricey either. One should keep basic crossbow properties in mind and then pick up the right one according to one’s need and limitations. These simple properties are given below along with what to look for getting the best crossbow for the money, when you are a beginner.

 Bow weight: The term bow weight refers to the original weight of the crossbow. It plays a very big role if you are a beginner. The weight of a weapon itself is always very important because it actively affects the aiming. Aiming is the chief factor while hunting. So, there is no point on buying a heavy crossbow that one cannot lift up easily thus end up being a false shoot.

A crossbow can weigh up to 10 pounds. These heavier crossbows are meant for the pro crossbow people for whom weight is not an issue. But since it is a beginner’s crossbow buying guide, purchasing a heavier crossbow is discouraged. It simply creates obstructions while progressing as a crossbow hunter. Picking up a light crossbow is the first installment of buying an entry level crossbow.

Heavy crossbows are very hard to carry around. Beginners get tired earlier if they carry around a crossbow that is out of their carrying capability. Many novice crossbow hunters leave crossbow only for this reason. Excessive weight blocks natural aiming. As a consequence, the game is not hit properly or even it is not hit. For this reason, too green crossbow hunters lost the zeal and go back to their previous weapon.

It is recommended to buy a crossbow with a bow weight of 4-6 pounds.


Draw weight: Draw weight represents the pull weight of the string of a crossbow. There is a portion named flight where the string is cocked. The arrows are place before the flight. After triggering, the string jump of off the flight and shoot the arrow away.

This pull weight plays an important role because it also requires strength. If the draw weight is too high for a novice, the string cannot be pulled properly. This also leads to a false shooting. Even damages can be happened if the string is not pulled properly. If you get loose before pulling the string all the way, it can rush forward before it is supposed to be, can damage your fingers. So, proper safety precautions should be taken while choosing your first crossbow in terms of draw weight.

The draw weight of a crossbow can be up to 290 pound. But that is not meant for the beginners. It is recommended to buy a crossbow with a draw weight of 75-120 pounds.


Velocity: Velocity is the speed of the arrows. The more, the better. But the problem is, velocity is directly related to draw weight. So, when you buy a crossbow with a lower draw weight, you simply cannot get a higher velocity. However, there are some other tweaks apart from draw weight that controls the velocity. Look for the highest velocity generating crossbow which holds lower draw weight.

Above three properties are the main important thing to look for while buying a beginner’s crossbow. Many more things are there that should be considered before buying a crossbow, but these are the key factors, when you are a beginner crossbow hunter.