February 28, 2024


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How to Properly Use an Air Cooler

After one week of feeling the coolness of the Mayaka brand air cooler, I want to tell you how to use a proper and correct air cooler. Because so many people protest that the air cooler is not cold like AC, even though the air cooler is not AC and has a slightly different function. Read the difference between air coolers and air conditioners; people buy the best evaporative cooler because they are cheaper than air conditioners and expect the air cooler to have the same function as air conditioners that cost millions.

1. Buy as needed

Even though its function is only to moisturize the room, it will reduce the temperature, but the air cooler has various variants. There is also a variant that is equipped with a bacterial killer filter, while the price range ranges from 900-1.4 million. It could be cheaper if you don’t care for the purchase like this, so see the same air cooler in the marketplace, and you want to feel so expensive because the price is so far. It is recommended to buy one that is equipped with a bacterial killer filter and a timer because it is healthier and can be set by the timer when you sleep. If you want it cold, choose one that has an ice cube tank, not just a air tank.

2. Do not place near metal or electronic goods

Remember, the air cooler moisturizes the air with an ice cube tank or air, meaning that it turns air into a cold gust of steam. That means metals and electronic goods such as TVs or radios nearby are very prone to damage due to moisture. The correct thing is, put an air cooler in the corner of the room and let the temperature of the room drop by itself.

3. Do not use 24 hours!

Remember any air cooler; it can’t be used non-stop! The maximum usage depends on the level of ice cubes or air in the tank. Why? Because if the air cooler is used in an ice cube tank or empty air, it is the same as shortening the life of the air cooler.

The average air cooler has an ice cube and air tank, amounting to 5 liters that can provide coolness for 3-5 hours. So it is advisable to buy a timer.

4. Cleaned once a month.

The air cooler must be cleaned once a month by drying the tank and removing the filter at the back; this green filter is cleaned by washing without using soap or cleaner. For one thing, air tanks should always be checked because they often become mosquito nests if left too long.

5. Do not use it in a closed room.

Air coolers should not be used in a private room! Because in accordance with the function that cools the room by lowering the moisturizing, it is recommended to use in places that have proper ventilation or air circulation. If used in a closed room, you can guess what happens in a room with high humidity levels.

6. To cool down quickly

Like I said, the air cooler is not AC! However, there are ways so that the air cooler is capable of blowing pretty cold air. Most air coolers are equipped with ice jelly; now, these items must be placed in the freezer all day in order to make a cold air tank. But this method is less efficient, usually to let it cool quickly, I use ice air. It means that the air in a bottle that has been put in the refrigerator all day.

7. Don’t forget to press the humidifier button

In the beginning, I was confused by the function of this humidifier button, after checking it turned out that this button roles to soften if the air is not activated, only the wind comes out, not cold. So if the humidifier button is not pressed, there’s only wind, usually without cold air. But remember if you turn on the air cooler with an empty air tank or ice cube, the air cooler will be damaged.

8. Do not use directly on the body.

Indeed, there is no evidence that the air cooler can cause the lungs to get wet or catch a cold. But, remember that the air cooler turns to air and ice into cold gusts and think for yourself if the particles, this air is directed directly to your body.

9. Don’t for large rooms

Ar cooler is the most efficient incentive for rooms that are not too big, what do you want to say? With only 80-100 watts, of course, the power of the air cooler is limited. Most suitable for a bedroom or a boarding room.

Well, if you are upset because the air cooler is not cold, try looking at it first. Use ice air or not? And use for large or small rooms? Remember, the maximum air cooler lowers the temperature is 10 degrees with a note using ice cubes or ice air. If you only use air, only the temperature platters drop only 5 degrees.