October 4, 2023


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Idea and Politics of World Order – UncommonThought

Idea and Politics of World Order – UncommonThought

As most, if not all, UncommonThought mates know, there is a huge gap among the assure of The usa and the truth of it. As Dr. Köchler frames it, in between plan and truth. With the continual crossing of that line amongst idea and fact, we lose the conceptual specificity that is essential for important assumed. Thinking receives blurry, the lines in between this and that get blurry, and the blurrier issues get the easier it is to fill in the blanks with “stories”, or even worse, propaganda. Insert this to the sad actuality that this is a nation that appears to be to eschew background, even our nationwide heritage, and we end up floating in a constant now subject to the strongest winds of emotion. Lost in individuals blurry lines and historical erasure is the long history of American imperialism and how that has remodeled around and over yet again to the place we stand nowadays on the crumbling ruins of an empire that was developed on lies and deception.

A short while ago, Jon Schwartz wrote a critical evaluation of the diplomacy program that aired on the MasterClass channel (here’s the youtube model). It featured an job interview with Madeline Albright and Condoleezza Rice on American diplomacy. Schwartz’s write-up, Condoleezza Rice and Madeline Albright Conduct a MasterClass on the Banal Horror of U.S. Overseas Policy, points out how even with existing events their presentation of situations frequently did not match described specifics of gatherings. Both of those Albright and Rice existing their roles and currently being able to lie for their country.

If everybody is lying, and diplomacy is lying, then in which is the real truth? Or at least the specifics? Most likely I am just naïve in believing that is critical, but I’ll keep firmly to that perception. Lies and deception retain the public’s voice from obtaining any genuine trustworthiness. They are sorts of control, of silencing, of holding on to electric power that is not theirs to maintain (in a democracy).

Dr. Köchler’s summary of his speech pulls back with each other the issues of a uni-polar empire and the deceptions and misinformation that have introduced us to the crumbling edifice of the “world (dis)order”:

As heritage has amply shown, false, self-serving and exclusivist suggestions of planet order, proclaimed by the “hegemon of the moment” — typically in the program of or immediately after major, geopolitical conflict — are not sustainable. If peace is to prevail (or to be restored), good electric power exceptionalism, or unilateralism, must be changed by a blueprint for a method of relations amongst a multitude of sovereign states that accounts for the interests of all, on the basis of mutuality. This will be the only acceptable “win-earn approach” envisageable below ailments of today’s international world.