June 23, 2024


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In Praise of Jonathan E.

At lunch these days, I discovered that actor James Caan handed away. He was 82 and most of the obituaries I saw  contained anything like this one particular from the NYTimes:

James Caan, who created a resilient movie vocation in diversified roles throughout 6 a long time but was forever identified most intently with 1 of his earliest people, the quick-tempered, skirt-chasing Sonny Corleone in the first “Godfather” motion picture, died on Wednesday.

Do not get me erroneous. That was a fantastic performance.

But for my funds, his most unforgettable part was Jonathan E in the film Rollerball (1975). 

When “Rollerball” is the title of the movie, it is really also the name of a match performed in that film. It is really a violent bloody game and the culture in which it thrives is explained, in standard terms, to Jonathan by Bartholomew, performed by John Housman this way:

Jonathan, let’s believe this via together. 

You know how the video game serves us. It has a definite social objective. 

Nations are bankrupt, gone. None of that tribal warfare any additional. Even the corporate wars are a thing of the earlier. 

So now we have the majors and their executives. Transportation, food stuff, interaction, housing, luxurious, power. A handful of of us earning conclusions on a world wide basis for the frequent excellent.

The workforce is a unit. It plays with certain rhythms. So does an government staff, Jonathan. 

Now every person has all the comforts, you know that. No poverty, no sickness. No requirements and numerous luxuries, which you enjoy just as if you were in the govt course.

Corporate society normally takes treatment of everything. And all it asks of any person, all it has ever questioned of any person at any time, is not to interfere with administration conclusions.

And then he describes the have to have for the activity itself:

The activity was produced to reveal the futility of  particular person work.


If a champion defeats the indicating for which the video game was intended, then he need to shed.

And as the film progresses, the guidelines of the game are transformed to get out Jonathan, the winner whose skills as a player threaten the social objective of the match.

Until eventually eventually the previous video game of the year there are no regulations, no substitutions.

And this takes place:

In the finish, he was far better than the match.

Jonathan! Jonathan! Jonathan!