October 4, 2023


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Launching of a new channel by Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the founder of Christ Embassy Church which is one church that is currently known all over the world. The pastor has been in the industry for a long duration which has enabled him to teach the followers the word of God. Apart from being a pastor and a preacher, he is also a motivational speaker who is always invited to places to advise youths and other groups of people. He has also expanded his mission by writing inspirational books that give the followers the motivation they need to tackle the issues they face every day.
Christ Embassy church has many followers as a result of the numerous good teachings that are always available in the church. The church is currently available in over fifty states. The main countries that have the church include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Nigeria and Australia. There are followers from other countries though they always experience the problem of not being able to get the sermons when they need them. The followers have to wait for the recorded tapes so that they can watch them later after the crusade is over. This is a problem that has made it very difficult for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to reach out to the congregation that wants to get the preaching from him. It is as a result of this problem that the pastor thought it better to come up with a platform that could accommodate all the people who are interested in attending the services of Christ Embassy.
The pastor recently launched a TV station that will help in reaching out to the people who cannot access the churches. The TV channel will help a lot in spreading the word of God to the people who live in places where the churches are not available. The channel belongs to the church, and this means that there is no other commercial program that will be one the channel. This is a big win for the congregation and Chris Oyakhilome. He is now able to reach out to the congregation that he felt were not getting his attention. There are some people who support the church yet they come from a region where there are no churches they can attend. On the part of the congregation, this is an advantage for them because they no longer have to worry about the places where they can get the sermons. They can simply follow them live as they take place through the TV channel.
The launch of this channel will also help Pastor Chris Oyakhilome get the attention of the congregation on his books that have inspired many people. These are some of the best-selling motivational books that one can buy. Most people do not buy them because they do not know the places where they can find them. The use of this channel will make communication between the pastor and the congregation to be very fast. In case there is a crusade that is being organized, the congregation will find the information very fast by the use of this channel. The channel is situated in California, and it is at this point where everyone can access it. Anyone that wants to get information about the church can simply go to the internet and stream the programs of the channel live.