February 24, 2024


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Law Firms Need to Keep Blog Content From Lawyers Live On The Net – Forever

Keep Law Blogs Live On Web

An individual not long ago requested me how quite a few many years of site content material you really should maintain stay on your law company site.

Your law company site is not the suitable put for site content material, an impartial site website is, but if the site is where your blogs stay, the solution is for good.

You do not delete site content material from your site. If a lawyer who penned a site write-up leaves the company make certain the content material or the site in entirety moves with them or continues to be in your archives stay to the web.

Authorized perception and commentary released on legal blogs performs a aspect in secondary law.

Secondary law, consisting of law journals, law opinions and blogs are of resources that explain, criticize, examine, or enable identify primary law – that being situations, codes and rules.

Secondary law is routinely relied in by legal professionals, judges, clerks and legal academia.

Take a site write-up down and a url to it no matter if on a different site, a legal quick or a court conclusion gets to be damaged. The law is “gone.”

This perception – secondary law – is termed on for many years as legal industry experts do analysis.

The content material wants to have a put to “exist” for it to be indexed by Google and aggregated by legal analysis and AI platforms.

To do away with the content material altogether would be akin to likely in the law library and stating we require to get all the previous guides and journals off the cabinets.

I recognize the require not to “run” older content material on profile, follow group and information internet pages on the law company site, but you cannot just get rid of previous site content material.

As legal professionals, we have the ethical obligation to sustain the integrity of the legal profession and cultivate know-how of the law, not only for legal industry experts but for obtain to legal data for culture as a complete.

Tossing out the legal perception you established flies in the deal with of widespread sense and our obligations as legal industry experts.

No matter that the “content” was established for advertising of the law company. In point, tossing out the content material then, may well make even fewer sense.