November 29, 2023


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LexBlog WordPress Plugins For The Aggregation and Curation of Content

LexBlog WordPress Plugins

As a managed WordPress platform for legal publishers, LexBlog operates a WordPress progress shop.

Not as net agencies do with tailor made net progress, which is rough to scale for the developer and the buyer, but to carry out the WordPress progress function for our managed WordPress platform which supports all of our legal bloggers.

Plugins, updates and capabilities are being labored on and transported by LexBlog all of the time. Just as any other SaaS (software package as a assistance) supplier does, we’re frequently maintaining and strengthening the platform, and accompanying assistance.

LexBlog’s plugin function more than the final 12 months bundled plugins for the aggregation and curation of 3rd party articles or blog posts and website posts via RSS. These plugins energy and our increasing community of syndication web sites these types of as Illinois Law firm Now.

One more use of these plugins could be the use of providing aggregated select content material to a 3rd-party’s publishing platform.

Meaning what?

Just as you have a WordPress dashboard for the creating, modifying and publishing of articles or blog posts and internet pages, a site functioning these plugins would also include things like a dashboard with a checklist of aggregated content material that’s been “pulled in.”

This aggregated content material would only be content material appropriate to the publisher, ie, for the Illinois Bar, website content material from Illinois bar associates. Could also mean content material chosen by topic, jurisdiction or normally.

In a lot of situations, LexBlog will “preselect” the content material to be fed into the aggregator from our international community of legal website feeds.

This aggregated content material would then be curated by the site’s publisher by them picking out in their WordPress dashboard which pieces to publish and in which, modifying titles, implementing tags, inserting proper photographs and additional.

This kind of a element could be made use of by a digital publication, a regulation business web page that’s seeking to screen content material from legal professionals, an e-mail publication, an association web page with contributions from associates and so forth. The prospects are only confined by one’s imagination.

Why a 3rd-party’s plugins ala LexBlog’s? Standard updates and element additions to the plugins from a firm who not only will work with WordPress, but will work in legal publishing.

The pace, general performance and person-experience of a WordPress site is only as superior as the sum of the elements. We’re dealing with open up resource and a vivid globally group of plugin suppliers.

Making an attempt to handle plugins on your individual can turn out to be the peak of folly. Setting up a plugin your self and then forgetting about it, as a lot of net builders do, will not fly. Updates arrive regularly to the WordPress core software package and it’s plugins.

And in the situation of legal content material, LexBlog is by now aggregating the content material, only needing to be parsed as proper for a publisher.

Most all of what LexBlog has developed right until now has been for use on our managed WordPress Platform. It is time to take a look at how many others functioning websites and digital publications may perhaps gain from working with LexBlog plugins.

If you’re pondering about all those not working with WordPress for websites and publishing, they are turning into less and less. WordPress is on its way to being ubiquitous when it arrives to web sites with a content material administration program.

Stay tuned.