July 19, 2024


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Litera legal survey shows that technology is driving change in all aspects of M&A practice

He claims the study handles the technologies regulation firms use, their engineering investment decision plans, the staffing and talent retention implications of adopting technological know-how and their watch of the future of engineering in M&A follow, significantly relating to the effect of machine learning.

“Lots of concerns from our shoppers are legal professionals who want to know if they are guiding or forward in adopting technological know-how, and we hope this study will aid remedy those thoughts.”

While other analyses show that attorneys are gradual to adopt know-how, he claims the study identified that M&A groups are adopting much engineering, which confirms that they are extra superior than other observe teams.

“We questioned them about 12 different engineering categories that M&A lawyers are most likely to use, and at minimum 50 per cent of the respondents applied half of them.”

An acquisition consists of arranging, reviewing, negotiating a offer arrangement and owing diligence when assessing the acquired company to assure it is a superior expense with no pitfalls involved. Curle says technologies is utilized at all stages of the deal workflow, indicating that M&A attorneys are extremely open up to technology and are beginning to use it a lot more often.