October 3, 2022


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Morning Docket: 04.05.21

* A law organization suing New York delis and restaurants for purported wage violations allegedly made use of inaccurate perform data. Guess it is alleged they are whole of bologna… [New York Article]
* A defaced billboard for a New Orleans attorney promises the lawyer is a negative restaurant tipper. [Newsweek]

* A lawyer unintentionally locked himself in handcuffs when planning for a demonstration in a murder situation and then understood he didn’t have the important. Bought to hand it to the attorney for his perseverance. [Occasions]
* There may well be new assaults on Obamacare at the Supreme Courtroom. [Vox]
* CBS Studios claims a lawsuit more than the rebooted MacGyver collection “suffers from lethal, incurable deficiencies.” Nothing a pocket knife and some duct tape won’t be able to correct… [Deadline]