June 21, 2024


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Obviousness: Ranges and Substitutions

by Dennis Crouch

Almirall, LLC v. Amneal Pharmas LLC (Fed. Cir. 2022)

The court docket in this article affirms a PTAB summary cancelling promises 1-8 of Almirall&#8217s U.S. Patent 9,517,219 as evident.  The patent statements a strategy of treating pimples/rosacea making use of a unique formulation:

  • Lively Component: about 7.5% dapsone
  • Solvent: about 30% to about 40% diethylene glycol monoethyl ether
  • Gelling Agent: about 2% to about 6% of A/SA and
  • drinking water

[note – I edited these for compactness]. The declare also implies that the composition &#8220does not comprise adapalene.&#8221  This focus of the energetic ingredient was previously recognized, the strategy driving the invention below was to have a product that performs well, that clients like, and that has a lengthy shelf lifetime. So, the determine submitted to the PTO shows shelf-everyday living:

The prior artwork includes the business solution (Aczone) that incorporates 7.5% dapsone and no adapalene. For the IPR, the PTAB appeared at a patent software publication (Garrett) that described the Aczone merchandise in detail.  Garret taught a distinctive gelling agent &#8212 Carbopol somewhat than A/SA as necessary in the patent.  A distinctive reference (Nadau-Fourcade) taught the use of A/SA agents in roughly the exact focus array for use in pimples/rosacea products.  The Board observed the mixture suitable and concluded that the statements were invalid.

Presumption of Obviousness: On attractiveness, the patentee argued that the Board improperly presumed obviousness based mostly on overlapping ranges. The standard argument is that A/SA was brought from a various reference and there ought to not be a presumption that its concentration would of course be the exact in the new blend.  On attraction, on the other hand, the Federal Circuit affirmed the Board&#8217s ruling &#8212 getting that the presumption was suitable here simply because the proof proved similarity among carbomers (disclosed in Garret) and A/SA brokers (substituted from Nadau-Fourcade)

The Board also credited pro testimony that a person of common talent in the art
would have been equipped to instantly respect that the carbomers and A/SA brokers at issue complete the same perform and are interchangeable. What’s more, there was no proof that A/SA agents would have different interactions with the other ingredients of the compositions relative to carbomer. In truth, the Board credited skilled testimony that a skilled artisan “would not have anticipated any incompatibilities in substituting” the gelling brokers.

It was this close similarity in the substitution that allowed the vary disclosures to build a presumption of obviousness.   In its conclusion, the court also notes that the mentioned presumption-of-obviousness is not any variety of burden shifting. Relatively, it is merely shorthand for the proposition that overlapping ranges in the prior artwork justify a factfinder in concluding that the claimed range was  acknowledged in the art.  The patentee is totally free to deliver proof showing why its particular selection is significant and as a result non-clear in the face of a identical disclosure variety in the prior artwork.

Damaging Limitation: The statements expressly exclude adapalene from the formulation. &#8220[W]herein the &#8230 composition does not comprise adapalene.&#8221  The key prior art reference (Garrett) does not even point out adapalene, and so, according to the patentee, we are left asking yourself irrespective of whether Garrett could incorporate the substance.  The Board turned down that argument as did the Federal Circuit.  In distinct, the court docket restated its prior precedent that detrimental restrictions need to have not be expressly mentioned in the prior art.  &#8220[A] reference need to have not point out a feature’s absence in get to disclose a destructive limitation.” AC Techs., S.A. v. Amazon.com, Inc., 912 F.3d 1358 (Fed. Cir. 2019).

Acceptable Expectation of Results: Finally, the Court docket identified that the Board had effectively discovered factors to incorporate the references.  In unique, the patent challenger supplied evidence that gelling compounds were being powerful and compatible substitutes. As this kind of, the substitution of A/SA was a &#8220predictable style option.&#8221  This falls inside of the Supreme Court docket&#8217s guidance from KSR: &#8220when a patent promises a framework already recognised in the prior artwork that is altered by the mere substitution of one element for a different identified in the industry, the blend should do extra than produce a predictable end result.&#8221

The courtroom also places substantial body weight on whether or not the substitution would have &#8220a realistic expectation of achievement.&#8221  Here, however, skilled testimony was furnished about their interchangeability.  Further, [a] locating of a sensible expectation of achievements does not need complete predictability of achievement.&#8221