April 19, 2024


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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Addresses Divorce Rumors

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the leader of the Christ Embassy Church and Believers Love World, Inc. in Nigeria, is now addressing the divorce suit filed by his wife, Rev. Anita Oyakhilome. The church is among the largest in Nigeria with membership numbers in the thousands and branch churches in place globally.

In a number of reports online and in social media, Rev. Anita Oyakhilome filed a suit in the United Kingdom to end their marriage, stating grounds of adultery and “unreasonable behavior”. This apparently resulted in all information about Rev. Anita being removed from the Christ Embassy Church web site. Reports state that Pastor Chris was actually served the divorce documents while visiting the UK. According to news posted online, Rev. Anita believed she had been demoted by the church and felt her husband felt she was attempting to do a power grab for more leadership in the church.

Meanwhile, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been quoted as saying he will bring legal action against any journalist attempting to publish information about any potential divorce proceedings.

On September 7th, during the monthly global communion service, Pastor Chris said the allegations were “stupid” and “crazy” and he did believe in divorce. He mentioned that he felt the media in Nigeria and South Africa had been writing irresponsible things and said attempts to peer into his private life were wrong. Instead he asked his members to pray for his wife. Comparing the false accusations made by the persecutors of Christ to his current situation, he said that the charges were frivolous and he would rather not discuss them, insisting that no wrongful accusation would change who he is.

He went on to say that divorce wasn’t biblical, but people should consider it an option if the wife insisted that a divorce take place. He said he believed that Christians should never divorce, but even though it isn’t the right step, it is a step they can take.

He further elaborated on his thoughts regarding “men of God”, saying that simply marrying a “man of God” didn’t automatically make the woman a “woman of God”. Speaking further, he elaborated about his role was more that that of just a pastor, but also a “man of God” and having a wife could be problematic, as supported by the men of God of the bible not having wives listed and were most probably unmarried. He charged that men of God do not just worship God, but are directly by God and set on specific paths by the Divine.

In his final remarks, he told his listeners to simply stay focused on God’s Word and focus on his potential divorce issues.

Pastor Chris has a media empire encompassing television, publishing, teaching and more. This includes a 24-hour Christian Satellite Network, the LoveWorldTV network in the UK, the LoveWorldSAT in South Africa, LoveWorldPLUS in Nigeria, LoveWorldCanada and LoveWorldUS in the USA. His books include The Power of your Mind and Rapsody of Realities. The church owns the Healing School of Christ Embassy and the online version called the Healing School Cyber Church.