November 29, 2023


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Report: Illinois property law fails to end redlining impact

A approximately 80-year-old law meant to put distressed and tax-delinquent Chicago-area properties again to effective use has accomplished small to strengthen or solve racial inequities in the city’s Black and Latino neighborhoods, according to a study.

A report released Tuesday by the Cook County treasurer’s office environment proposes scrapping or modifying Illinois’ Scavenger Sale regulation in favor of tax-chopping and other courses that may allow for owners of shade to accumulate generational prosperity.

Other recommendations include building lists of out there residence open up to the community, pushing for laws lowering the desire price utilized by Prepare dinner County to delinquent property tax payments and enabling house house owners to make partial payments to fulfill tax liens.

“The biggest difficulties are the liens on the residence,” mentioned Hal Dardick, the study’s creator. “By the time (homes) get to the sale, a lot of are delinquent, decaying. You have to pay out the taxes when you don’t even very own the house.”

Treasurer Maria Pappas expects the examine to be filed in the coming weeks with the county board and shared with the state Assembly and Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

The research lays blame for the deterioration of lots of neighborhoods of coloration and the exodus of Blacks from Chicago on federal and banking guidelines termed redlining, the apply of banking institutions discriminating versus racial minorities or particular neighborhoods.