October 4, 2023


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Risks of Heading to Court By itself When Charged With CDV in South Carolina

I am typically contacted by future clientele who made the miscalculation of going to Court docket alone, and devoid of consulting with an legal professional, right after owning been billed with domestic violence. They believed that since possibly no 1 was injured, or because their husband or wife did not want to go after the circumstance that the Courtroom would mechanically dismiss the scenario. Sadly for them this is not how CDV scenarios are managed in South Carolina.

Initial, South Carolina’s CDV regulation is broader than most men and women assume. You can be arrested and convicted for CDV for perform which usually would not be criminal, domestic or violent. The a few parts of the legislation are usually explained as prohibitions towards producing actual physical harm, trying to result in harm or conduct which makes fear in a person else. Because of this there is no need by any means less than the regulation that anyone ought to be hit, pushed, shoved, slapped, punched, kicked, or touched in any way for a violation of the legislation to take place.

Next, there is a “no drop” plan in South Carolina about CDV arrests. This signifies that once you are arrested for domestic violence the police and prosecutor are ordinarily unable to dismiss or drop the circumstance even if no a single was harmed, and even if anyone desires to have the situation dropped.

When a person billed with CDV goes to Courtroom they are a lot of periods unprepared that their possibility to speak to the Choose is only made readily available in context of a demo. The rules of proof utilize and a legal defendant symbolizing themselves will be held to the same requirements as an professional demo legal professional. The moment the process starts it can be above in a matter of minutes. The Judge’s ruling may leave an individual with a long term legal report, jail sentence and fine.

People billed with domestic violence are at a larger threat than several others to unknowingly set by themselves up for failure in their case out of a lack of familiarity with the felony justice procedure. Numerous instances a CDV arrest is the initially time somebody has make contact with with the system. Accordingly how they assume their scenario should really be and will be dealt with may well quite very well directly contradict the Courtroom method and Condition legislation.

Everyone charged with CDV is entitled to important legal rights. These include the ideal to obtain the documents, statements, photos and reports the law enforcement or prosecution have about your case before trial, the suitable to make objections to hearsay and other unreliable proof, and the ideal to a total jury trial. On top of that by indicating to the prosecution that you are really serious about challenging your scenario may provide as a drive for them to look at choices obtainable that may resolve your situation without having a demo and outcome in you owning no criminal record in anyway.