December 5, 2023


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SDLL Director Extends Library Closure

Message from Law Library Director John Adkins

March 30, 2020


Thank you for supporting the Law Library’s efforts to protect our patrons and staff from potential coronavirus infection by closing our doors on March 16. At that time we announced the intention to reopen on April 6.


We follow the Superior Court’s lead on when to close and when to reopen. To remain safe during the peak of the COVID19 crisis, the Superior Court has indicated a high likelihood it will extend its closure well into April.


Law Library Extends Closure


Therefore, both branches of the Law Library will be closed indefinitely, and we will look to the Court for when to reopen. We are not announcing a specific reopening date because it is not certain at this time.


I will be in close touch with you, our patrons and supporters, about when the Law Library will reopen its doors.  Until then, we offer remote reference services and resources for all your legal issues.


I wish you well.


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at [email protected]

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