September 22, 2023


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Social media and blogging for legal tech founders, the Jack Newton way

Lawful tech business people need to consider a web page out of Jack Newton’s participate in ebook when it will come to selecting up notoriety for your fledgling startup and getting your products and solutions out in the marketplace place.

I experienced the enjoyment of sitting down down with Jack, the CEO and Founder of lawful tech huge, Clio, yesterday at Clio’s #ClioCloud9 meeting.

I requested him about blogging and social media. What it intended to him and his organization? How he acquired to get snug, personally, using social media? And what he’d inform other tech startups.

Jack is as serious and reliable on social media as they come. Spontaneous, unfiltered, genuine and caring, whether or not it be any social media, though Twitter is in which you will generally see him mixing it up with people.

On running a blog, Jack stated that he attained out to bloggers back when the corporation was just about to launch. They did not have any cash for advertising and marketing, enable alone for a booth at conferences.

By personally finding to know bloggers, he designed rely on with them, some turned friends.

When it grew to become time to launch Clio and garner exposure at the LegalTech Show in NYC several years ago, the bloggers included Clio. Twitter was just starting up and like anyone else, Clio was figuring out just how to use it at LegalTech Exhibit to get the phrase out in an partaking way – not in advert-like tweets.

The outcome getting additional exposure and company improvement accomplishment than Clio could have ever gotten with a booth. Advertising men and women were being out of the query as Jack and his co-founder Rian Gauvreau only had sufficient money for a flight and just one affordable hotel home they shared.

Jack assumed ALM, the host of the meeting, could have been mad, as Clio had these types of achievements at the meeting without having a booth or any sponsorships. Jack only had a registrant, not attendee go, also boot.

I have gotten to know Jack and his wife, Tonia, even far better, by using Facebook. I sense I have gotten to know their young children as they increase up, primarily real when the CEO of a billion greenback organization is sharing shots from a spouse and children lemonade stand.

Tonia was in particular there for me by means of Fb and experience to facial area immediately after we misplaced Jill. Without the need of the “Newton approach” to social media, this could never ever have took place and we’d in no way be this sort of mates.

Jack would like me to tell you as business people that social media and engaging bloggers is not about boasting about your firm and its products.

Jack sees it a bit like cocktail get-togethers likely on from time to time. See one you’d love and be part of the conversation in a serious and genuine way.

Circle all-around Twitter where the attorneys, lawful tech business owners and bloggers acquire, and you are apt to operate into Jack.