March 20, 2023


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Steps to Take After a Vernon Car Accident

11 Steps To Take After A Car Accident (And How To Do Them)

Car accidents are traumatic experiences, and you might not know what to do afterward. You might know that someone else caused the accident, but how do you seek compensation? What you do – or don’t do – after an accident can affect your legal rights moving forward. Below are some steps you can take after a crash to protect your rights and future, and never hesitate to discuss your specific situation with a Vernon car accident lawyer. 

Get Your Injuries Diagnosed

Your health is your priority following a car accident, and if you think you have any injuries, you should seek a medical evaluation right away. Emergency medical technicians might take you in an ambulance to the hospital if you have severe injuries. If not, you should take yourself to the nearest emergency room if you suffered injuries. 

Getting a diagnosis of all your injuries shortly after a collision helps you:

  • Receive all the medical treatment you need to prevent complications and improve your prognosis. 
  • Create a medical record of your injuries that you can provide to insurance companies during your injury claim. 

Avoid Detailed Conversations with Insurance Adjusters 

If another driver caused your crash, their insurance company might reach out shortly afterward. The insurance adjuster might seem friendly and helpful, so you might want to give them your side of the story and expect them to work with you. This is often a mistake since the adjuster is not on your side. They are on the side of the insurance company, which is trying to minimize your payment. 

If an adjuster calls, avoid the following:

  • Telling them details about your injuries, related pain, or limitations
  • Giving them a detailed account of how the accident happened
  • Agreeing to a recorded statement
  • Accepting a settlement offer

Some adjusters will make a quick offer that seems attractive. A quick settlement puts a check in your hand right away and prevents the need for future insurance communications. However, quick settlement offers are rarely adequate as they aim to limit the insurance company’s liability. Never accept an insurance offer without first consulting with a car accident law firm. 

Consult with Our Vernon Car Accident Attorneys

Instead of discussing your accident with insurance companies, you want to refer them to your attorney. Set up your free case evaluation with our team at Berman & Russo so we can advise you of your legal rights. If you have the right to seek compensation, we will handle the entire process for you. This can:

  • Take the stress of insurance claims off your shoulders
  • Allow you to focus on your treatment and physical recovery
  • Ensure you do not accept an offer that is too low

Our legal team will calculate your past and future damages and negotiate for the full settlement you deserve with insurers. Never try to handle this situation on your own, as doing so can result in much less financial recovery than you need to cover your losses. Instead, contact us for your free consultation today.