Legal Blog Networks Help Bar Associations Connect People With Lawyers

Claud Mccoid

Thirty some several years back, as a training law firm, I’d receive a carbon duplicate of a law firm referral slip from the Condition Bar of Wisconsin.

Somebody from the La Crosse spot had contacted the Condition Bar, via a toll totally free quantity shown in the yellow web pages, inquiring for a referral to a community law firm.

I was on the referral list for issues in which I had no deep skills. Currently being I was next up on the list, my name, with very little on my track record nor skills, was offered to the individual who referred to as the Bar.

The carbon duplicate was forwarded to me so I understood that if the individual contacted me, I was to pay back ten per cent of my cost to the Bar.

With some flaws, it was not a undesirable way to connect people today with lawyers … Read More