North Carolina’s voter-ID lawsuit, racial bias in juries and a veteran’s disability claim

Claud Mccoid


This week we spotlight cert petitions that question the Supreme Court docket to contemplate, between other items, no matter if two North Carolina legislators may perhaps intervene in a circumstance demanding the state’s voter-ID legislation, whether or not a Black male on demise row may possibly present new proof of racial bias in his jury collection, and no matter whether a veteran may possibly look for disability advantages earlier denied underneath a given that-turned down regulatory interpretation.

Berger v. North Carolina State Meeting of the NAACP addresses the ability of North Carolina legislators to protect the state’s voter-ID law from lawsuits underneath the Constitution and the Voting Legal rights Act. Following plaintiffs challenged the law, the president professional tempore of the state senate and the speaker of the point out home of reps sought to intervene in the scenario as point out agents under a point out law. The … Read More