Ask the authors: The long and winding road from shortlisted to selected for female Supreme Court nominees

Claud Mccoid

The pursuing is a collection of questions posed by Ronald Collins to Renee Knake Jefferson and Hannah Brenner Johnson in relationship with their new e book, “Shortlisted: Ladies in the Shadows of the Supreme Court” (New York College Press, 2020), which tells the untold stories of females that presidents thought of as justices for the Supreme Court docket in the decades just before Sandra Working day O’Connor’s confirmation.

Renee Knake Jefferson is a professor of law and the Joanne and Larry Doherty Chair in Authorized Ethics and Director of Legislation Centre Outcomes and Assessments at the College of Houston Legislation Centre. She is an writer of two casebooks: “Professional Obligation: A Present-day Approach” (2020) and “Legal Ethics for the Genuine World: Making Capabilities As a result of Situation Study” (2018).

Hannah Brenner Johnson is Vice Dean for Educational and Pupil Affairs and an affiliate professor of law at California Western … Read More