October 4, 2023


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The Lifecycle Of An International Athlete – Key UK Income Tax Considerations For Non-Residents

Hand placing tax blocks on coins

This web site in our collection for intercontinental athletes explains the vital lawful factors with regards to taxation that should really be regarded when coming to compete in the Uk. Precisely, it addresses the subsequent queries:

  • Is there precise laws that I really should be aware of?

  • Do I need to have to pay out Uk revenue tax?

  • Will a provider company support me to mitigate tax?

  • Do I want to file a tax return?

  • Can I lessen my fixed payments?

  • Who is responsible for deducting withholding tax and accounting for it to HMRC?

  • What if I come to be Uk resident?

  • Are there any concessions I can choose advantage of?

The Uk tax authority (HMRC) struggles with taxing global athletes in a proportionate way within just the latest tax technique. In specific, the Uk will tax not only expenses directly similar to time spent in the Uk, but will also seek to tax globally revenue (which includes picture rights exploitation) on a proportion foundation with reference to Uk appearances in the tax calendar year in dilemma. Early negotiation with HMRC to check out the possibility of diminished withholding tax or to seek out tax concessions is essential for these sportspersons thinking about quick term appearances in the United kingdom. Different troubles crop up for people based mostly in the Uk for the for a longer time term.


Laura Dadswell