February 23, 2024


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The Ukraine War – It's not what you think

 The world is a stage and we are but mere actors. Never has this stating been much more real than nowadays.  We are witnessing the earning of “heroes” and “villains” in Ukraine and Russia right now. The Ukrainian President has been pumped by western media as some variety of modern working day Churchill as he, with no military services experience, “individually directs the defence of Kiev” from in just the metropolis. A hero, and likely a martyr all in a single. We have the Ukrainian military remaining hailed for placing up a “heroic” defence versus the Russians. And, of class, we have Russian President Putin painted variously as the poor guy, evil male, crazy dude, … you get the idea. Excellent fellas vs undesirable guys, black vs white, demonize vs canonize – this kind of is the evil pit that the earth has developed into.

We see this really portray of folks right here in Canada as effectively. Far from the flames of the Ukrainian war. Truckers are heroes. Truckers are terrorists. A person Liberal cupboard member just referred to truckers in the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa as, hold out for it, “terrorists”.  We have just come by two a long time of what can only be described as the worst violation of civil legal rights in Canadian record – mass vaccination needs, lockdowns and mandates – all intended to get Canadians used to the suspension of their constitutional legal rights as some form of pure ideal the federal federal government, and provincial governments can workout at will. The Canadian authorities even invoked the Emergency Steps Act, renamed by Mulroney but then regarded as the War Actions Act, to suppress an act of defiance and civil disobedience via protests on Parliament Hill. Legal rights you thought were being sacred two a long time ago evaporated in a woke second. It has been the very same throughout most of the globe.

So how does Ukraine healthy into this? Well, three text: Globe Economic Forum. The WEF is a multi-nationwide non-public firm born in Germany, now with its headquarters in Davos, Switzerland. It truly is most important reason, like other German fathers of the similar vision (Marx and Engels most not long ago), is to transform the earth into a just one authorities utopia wherever humans have no rights to assets, religion, beliefs other than the WEF’s, etc. In the terms of the nominal head of the corporation, the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. If that appears a good deal like an additional German phrase, the 3rd Reich, you can be forgiven. Both have their origins in Germany, the two seek entire world dominance, both of those sought to conquer/command Europe (ie EU), equally sought to conquer Russia/Soviet Union immediately after gaining handle of Europe, each consider in genetic manipulation of the human species, you get the idea. They don’t phone by themselves Nazis any more. The new expression they adore to use is “Globalists”. 

The Globalists purpose to conquer states from inside, that is to say they mentor and place in put leaders and politicians that they handle. (really don’t imagine me? view the movie in this article. Apparently, Schwab even refers to Putin as 1 of his fellas. This takes us to the “we are all actors” section. What is really going on in the Russo/Ukraine war, and far more importantly, what is the purpose of it.

The primary position girl from Europe is Ursula Von Der Leyen, a German (again) health practitioner and politician (first girl to serve as Minister of Defence in Germany). Some of her mentors demonstrated down below:

In circumstance you usually are not common, the top image is her with Henry Kissinger, and the lower picture is her with Schwab. Her task in all of this is to direct European states, and folks, to get ready them for war against Russia. As you may have found from the unexpected emergency session to grant Ukraine EU membership, the European Parliament was decked out like some form of Ukrainian birthday celebration. The new Chancellor of  Germany is freshly elected Olaf Scholz – pictured underneath (with Schwab):

For the WEF, and its backers, the most vital element of their designs is what can loosely be termed the “agenda”. The timetable is utilised to identify the length of time politicians stay in workplace, the bringing up of “younger politicians” as Schwab refers to them in the video clip backlink previously mentioned, the stacking of governments to carry out its guidelines, and finally the commencing of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. That is generally referred to as Agenda 2030, which indicates 8 decades remain. In individuals eight decades they have to destroy our present beliefs in bodily autonomy, freedom of assumed and speech, ownership of private assets, privateness, and nation states. They record as some of the primary objectives of Agenda 2030 as people will possess almost nothing all commerce will be conducted by drones a “handful of nations around the world” will dominate all other people the amalgamation of people’s bodily/electronic/financial identities, and other individuals.  Below is the backlink to the WEF’s possess online video on the matter here.

The war in Ukraine must as a result be thought of as the initiating party that forces the world onto the WEF’s schedule for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Putin’s position, if you will, is to demolish the patsy condition of Ukraine in purchase to occupy it and produce a new iron curtain. Very likely to stick to in pretty quick get are Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. You can check out it as the WEF fixing the errors of Hitler’s invasion of the USSR by obtaining the Russians use up their adult males killing Ukrainian males – which is after all what bled the German Army white in WW II. Then, for the reason that Germany less than Merkel (another of the politicians Schwab shown) agreed to tie Germany’s energy needs so tightly to Russia, the sanctioning of Russia will “force” Putin to change the faucet off to Europe and develop a massive financial shock to the earth financial state. It will also sour people today toward the dependence on fossil fuels for electricity. As a outcome, Russia will be at war with NATO, but not a nuclear war. Alternatively it is probable to be a war of typical destruction beforehand mysterious to mankind. Perhaps that is why the WEF involves vacation to Mars as just one of its objectives – Dim Fleet everyone? 

China will be a part of Russia in a war from NATO and its allies. The world will be carved into two blocks Eurasia and Atlantia. China will bury the hatchet with India, and India will sign up for Eurasia. This will be a war of, in a sense, extermination. The Globalists (WEF) purpose to lessen the human population of earth to all-around 500 million folks – which is 7 bil
lion deaths necessary. The Globalists refer to this as “artistic destruction”.  In a perception, their method mimics the Russian/Soviet war of 1941-45 – which they referred to as a “war of annihilation”. 

The close end result of the collapse of the fiscal method, the war of annihilation, and the collapse of the human value system will make a need to “establish again much better”. This is in which the WEF’s agenda gets applied. Make no error, absolutely nothing fewer than this can accomplish their said aims. For instance, private residence legal rights are certain in the US constitution and have shaped the foundation for western lifestyle considering the fact that the starting. That signifies the US constitution will have to be wrecked in order to carry out the “you will very own almost nothing” purpose. How do you wipe out the US structure without invading the US and conquering it? You demolish it from within just. That indicates for starters you denigrate what it implies to be American and have legal rights. Have we seen that taking place in the US?  How about some illustrations of many: burning US flags removing patriotic statutes (like Abraham Lincoln) labelling 50 % the populations as deplorables suspending legal rights during Covid invalidating the US electoral technique politicizing the law enforcement and courts moving to disarm civilian populations and so on. All of this is currently occurring in the US. 

The war in Ukraine is merely a manifestation of a managed institution that entirely intends to extinguish the legal rights, and in several instances the lives, of  men and women all about the globe. It is only a very first action, and the remaining methods will be considerably even worse than what we are at this time seeing. This is by style and design and with goal. This could audio like a “conspiracy concept” to you, but you should not fail to remember who built the time period “conspiracy idea” a expression for mocking – the institution through the media. Individuals lie but the proof does not. Search about you. Search at your state and see what has took place to your values, rights, and nations in excess of the last 3 a long time. Talk to your self why it was the the most right wing, patriotic men and women like Reagan, Thatcher, and Mulroney who instigated and executed absolutely free trade agreements concerning nations, which resulted in the unwanted transfer of prosperity from wealthier nations around the world to a lot less privileged. The quite definition of these types of a transfer of wealth from the fortunate to the regrettable is socialism in its purest sort. Sure, the globe is but a phase and we are mere actors. We you should not have to be slaves to it although.