Today’s Young Worker Is Stressed-Out and Anxious

Claud Mccoid

2020 definitely did not make issues easy for younger adult employees. COVID-19, an uncertain financial state, racial tensions, and a divisive presidential election that led to riots and fatalities have all taken a toll on mental health and fitness, particularly among the younger grownups. “Most of us think about coping with the reduction of a liked one, but this past year, [younger] people also experienced to deal with the reduction of important gatherings, these types of as graduation, and a way of daily life, these types of as the inability to collect with social networks or go to the fitness center. What people today utilized to be ready to cope with in the past with ordinary coping techniques just is not doing work now, and they need a larger degree of assistance,” explained Meghan Stokes, a accredited medical social employee and vice president of medical expert services with BHS, a Baltimore-centered enterprise offering place of work wellness and EAPs.

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