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Types Of Theft Under Louisiana Law

Most theft offenses drop beneath embezzlement, theft, or theft by pretense. Whilst Louisiana has a general theft statute, theft crimes are categorized into misdemeanor theft or felony theft in accordance to the worth of the stolen property. The terms grand theft and petty theft are not generally made use of in Louisiana.

Types Of Theft Under Louisiana Law

Under Louisiana statutes, La R.S 14:67, the general Theft statute, Theft is defined having everything of benefit that belongs to another man or woman, either devoid of consent or by fraudulent conduct. Offenders are culpable to a sentence of imprisonment, with or with out challenging labor. In further to the normal Theft statute, Louisiana statutes establish other certain varieties of theft as follows:

  • La. R.S. 14:67.1Theft of livestock
  • La. R.S. 14:67.2Theft of timber
  • La. R.S. 14:67.15Theft of a firearm
  • La. R.S. 14:67.16Identification theft
  • La. R.S. 14:67.26Theft of a motor auto

Theft of Livestock

Louisiana Revised Statutes 14:67.1 notes the functions that constitute the theft of livestock as follows

  1. Misappropriation or taking of livestock belonging to yet another or proceeds derived from the sale of these kinds of livestock with out the owner’s consent or through fraud.
  2. Failing to pay back for procured livestock or obtain with no the permission of the agent, dealer, or owner inside of 30 days of the day the livestock was bought or day payment was thanks.

Punishment: Whoever commits livestock theft shall be fined not more than $5000, imprisoned, with or with no tough labor, for not far more than 10 a long time, or the two.

Theft of Timber

According to La. Revised Statutes 14:67.2, Theft of timber refers to the misappropriation or having of timber belonging to yet another, or proceeds derived from the sale of these types of timber either taken devoid of the consent of the operator, or as a result of fraudulent conduct/ practices, or representations, with the intent to deprive the operator of the timber or proceeds.

Punishment: Whoever commits ,timber theft amounting to $25,000 or additional shall be fined not extra than $10,000 and imprisoned at hard labor for not more than 10 many years. Misappropriation of timber worth of fewer than $25,000, offenders shall be imprisoned with or without having hard work, for not additional than five a long time, fined not additional than $5,000, or the two.

Theft of a Firearm

Less than Louisiana Revised Statutes 14:67.15, the Theft of a firearm is famous as the misappropriation or having of a firearm (shotgun, a rifle, a pistol, revolver, or other handguns) which belongs to another, either without having the consent of the other or taking using fraud conducts.

Punishment: With intent to deprive the other forever of the firearm, an offender can be charged with a good of $1000 and imprisonment with or devoid of tough labor for not much less than 2 decades nor more than 10 yrs, with no the reward of parole or probation. Offenders with recurring firearm theft convictions are culpable of extreme penalties.

Id Theft

In accordance to Louisiana Revised Statutes 14:67.16, Identification theft usually means the intentional use, possession, transfer, regardless of whether contemporaneously or not, credit rating, funds, goods, solutions, or precious information without the authorization or consent of the other individual.

Punishment: Offenders committing id theft when credit rating, money, items, services, or everything else of value is acquired or transferred are culpable to imprisonment with or without the need of tricky labor for not more than10 a long time or may be fined not more than $10,000 or both. More stringent punishment actions are induced for offenders with victims further than 60 decades of age, less than seventeen, or folks with incapacity.

Theft of a Motor Car or truck

Louisiana Revised Statutes 14:67.26 signifies that intentional theft of a motor auto happens beneath the following situations

  1. Using a motor car or truck that belongs to a further, both devoid of the owner’s consent or making use of fraudulent perform, tactics, or representations, with the intention to deprive the owner forever.
  2. Getting manage of a motor auto that is misplaced or mis-shipped less than instances that present implies of inquiry as to the genuine owner
  3. Using control of a motor automobile when the person is aware of or ought to have recognised the motor vehicle has been stolen

Punishment : Whoever commits the criminal offense of theft of a motor automobile or taking quantities to a benefit of $25,000 or extra shall be imprisoned at difficult labor for not extra than 20 decades, or fined not much more than $50,000, or both of those.

Petty Theft

Regardless of Louisiana law failing to divide theft into both petty or grand, some theft offenses are taken care of as a misdemeanor. For a theft to be handled as a misdemeanor, the theft offense need to entail a home valued at less than $1,000. Sometimes, individuals use the expression misdemeanor theft to suggest petty theft.

Shoplifting or using residence of considerably less than $500 can be categorised as petty theft, thus, attracting misdemeanor fees and relative penalties.

Punishment: Petty theft/ theft of attributes valued at considerably less than $1,000, offenders can incur a sentence of imprisonment of not more than 6 months, a fantastic of not far more than $1,000, or equally.

Grand Theft

This felony involves property theft with a greenback benefit of $1000 or larger. Under La. § R.S 14:67, offenders are punishable dependent on the benefit of the alleged theft.

Punishment: If the benefit of the alleged stolen assets is amongst $1,000 – $5,000, the defendant can be sentenced to up to 5 yrs, a fantastic of not far more than $3,000, or the two. As the residence price increases to above $5,000 but fewer than $25,000, the offender is culpable to sentencing ranging up to 10 a long time, a wonderful of not a lot more than $10,000, or equally.

Felonies with home valued at much more than $25,000, the offender can get sentence imprisonment of not extra than 20 years, a great of not additional than $50,000, or both of those.

Legal Support

If you confront any form of theft, look at searching for assistance from legal counsel lawyers within Louisiana for general support and protection.

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