December 7, 2023


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Ukraine, Russia and the West need to Rethink a Dialogue for Peace, Not War

[Photo: Young girl protests war in Ukraine. Photo by Matti, via MR Online. ]

By Mahboob Khawaja, PhD

Editor’s Take note
There is not parity amongst Russia and Ukraine in any area. I think that Ukraine has attempted peace talks, and continues to request peace talks with Russia. Having said that, Russia&#8217s dilemma is not Ukraine. It is NATO, the U.S., and the EU. It is democracies and the process that Putin has crafted. I have no idea how the people today of Russia really feel at this issue about their very own governing administration, nor no matter whether they experience an existential danger from the &#8220West&#8221. Certainly, the Western facet is that Putin hates the democracies of Europe and the U.S., but the tale is substantially a lot more advanced (and longer) than the U.S. and NATO are presenting. I hugely propose that everyone read through Bryce Greene&#8217s synopsis of the concerns at play involving Ukraine and Russia.

Hopefully you just took 15 minutes to fill in the gaps in the present-day tale so that the argument produced by Dr. Khawaja in the subsequent short article will make much more feeling. In quite a few strategies, Ukraine is a pawn in an ongoing conflict in excess of passions and sources involving large money, energy assets, and power plays among NATO, the U.S., and Russia.

I believe that it is essential to step back from the minute to glimpse at the broader context &#8211 especially when war erupts. The entire world, and not just Ukraine, is standing on a crumbling cliff. Ukraine desires to either be let into NATO and the EU or have NATO and the EU substantively support in their defense. I am absolutely sure that quite a few people outside of Ukraine want that as very well. Nonetheless, the total premise of the Cold War (that supposedly ended) was to keep the superpowers (Russia &#8211 then the USSR &#8211  and the U.S.) from partaking in immediate conflict. Then (and now) we continue proxy conflicts. It will do the earth no fantastic for nuclear powers to go to war. On the other hand, I don&#8217t assume that Ukraine desired to be invaded or get into a war with Russia, but that is exactly where they are. Ukraine wants to be a sovereign point out. I am not sure that the EU or the U.S. actually want that, and I am confident that Russia does not want that. I am certain that we require considerably much more honesty than we are receiving from the many self-fascinated events.

Mahboob Khawaja, PhD

Rational Leaders Feel of People, not Self-Aggrandizement

In an age of Purpose, the trigger of humanity phone calls for peace, flexibility, and regard for human dignity. In a hybrid geopolitical society &#8211 component human and part vulture, we are witnessing a overlooked knowledge of human bravery and foresight to stand for the security of human legal rights, point out sovereignty, and countrywide liberty as we continue on to see a catastrophic evolving war in Ukraine. This war of alternative versus harmless people has an irrational objective for individualistic glory – all show up to be covered in thriller and unfolding irrational policy behavior in world wide affairs. To make certain and safeguard the very important geopolitical passions of world-wide mankind, this unwarranted war must halt on all sides. Leaders on the two sides require to receive an enlightened knowledge that in disaster administration, successful leaders do not rush to hasty reactionary judgments and naïve conclusions of belligerency and warmongering.

A reflective snapshot of a critical instant in time pulse and motion of record reveals the absence of reasoned dialogue for the avoidance of the ongoing conflict leading to enormous human casualties, displacement of tens of millions of Ukrainian refugees throughout Europe, destruction of important civic infrastructures, and furious competitive edge for accomplishment in an unappealing war among Ukraine and Russia. The most current was an assault on Europe’s greatest nuclear institution located in Ukraine (Zaporizhzhya). Its penalties could lead to catastrophic disruption and wipe out an overall populace and progress of human civilization just to fulfill the couple sadistic political minds. To glance in advance of the emerging horrifying functions coming out of Ukraine, We, The Folks of global humanity ought to simply call for an speedy halt to all war machines and lingering suspicion of just one-sided peace and triumph. The unexpected and inexplicable plunge into the madness of war will not deliver any military or psychological gains for violent assumptions plagued with hatred, bias, and bogus promises and counterclaims of navy superiority, defeats, and profession.

There are wild and inhuman scenes of the Ukrainian people’s suffering and forced displacement to neighboring Poland, Hungary, Moldova, and other places. WE, the People today of the world enjoin immense bonds of comprehending for equivalent rights, friendship, freedom, and regard for the countrywide integrity of all people and states in just the planet methods of political affairs. Regardless of geography and record, we are A single Humanity, and discomfort inflicted on any element of the human physique presents pain and anguish to the whole physique. We simply cannot be detached from what is taking place among Russia, Ukraine, NATO and Europe. We must emphasize and improve our moral and religious bonds to keep on being connected in solidarity with the suffering masses and refocus on peace by ending the conflict as a result of cause and dialogue. There is no rationale to opt for a ruthless purging of a democratically elected chief or political governance in Ukraine or Russia or somewhere else in Europe.  We, the Persons of worldwide consciousness must reject politically indoctrinated cynicism getting endemic to improve the political governance in Ukraine by violent actions of army actions and unwanted war.  If the Ukrainian and Russian political elite could encounter just about every other at a desk and go after the urgent require for a reasoned dialogue to overcome the illness of armed forces triumph, it will be a welcomed evolutionary advancement to foresee the finish of the latest conflict.

The usa, Russia, and NATO Unsuccessful to Study from Historical past

Human development and potential-making are jeopardized when classes of history are deliberately misinterpreted and overlooked by so-called intelligent persons. If war is the only avenue to seek out peace, we are on the incorrect aspect of background and thinking of our foreseeable future. There are fearsome and ferocious flows of blame video game as generally applied in conflict-producing and conflict-preserving circumstances.  NATO and The united states are implementing in depth money and other sanctions in opposition to Russia to halt the ongoing war in Ukraine.  The motion and response gamble will consequence in unthinkable economic, social and political repercussions for Russia and The usa and the EU and other individuals on this earth. Most rational analysts would concur that sanctions would not deter Russia from its stated aims and priorities of the present-day conflict. Russia seems to be as competent and viable militarily and politically as America or the EU and NATO in their pursuit of political approaches and targets. The conflict envisages mutual suspicion and distrust in formal insurance policies and habits throughout the board.  To a perceptive eye, this is the actual reasoning for the emerging war in Ukraine. It displays a treacherous attitude to consider that any a single place is potent adequate to dominate a further sovereign entity.

Is NATO remaining managed by people today who lived in the distant earlier and maybe article WW2 historic lifestyle is still alive and flourishing? Is there any glimpse of hope for transform and new reasoned associations in between The united states, Russia, and West Europeans? The foreseeable future of violence and nationalistic resentment appears embedded into the distorted strategic requirements of the recent affairs, be it the argument of Russia or American-led NATO and or the EU on its possess. NATO is operate by the mistaken persons, glued to mistaken pondering and undertaking the completely wrong matters with out any rational feeling of time, people’s desire, and heritage. The waking consciousness and knowledge would demand from customers that Russia, The united states and NATO, and the EU  – all lively actors in this perplexing game should really critically assess their strengths and weaknesses, their aims for liberty and regard for condition sovereignty should know who they are and the place they are and that worldwide humanity is observing them if they will act correctly for peace or exhibit abhorrent and ruthless actions in ensuring a peaceful resolution of the existing naive aims with disastrous consequences for all humanity.

World wide information media represents the soreness and struggling of the Ukrainian masses forcibly evicted from their houses and cities relocating to consider asylum throughout Jap Europe.  There could be quite a few million on the shift without the need of understanding any safe and sound place or hope for safety.  It is a self-obvious unambiguous experience of human aggressive connotation by the couple of versus the several and all &#8211 as it occurred throughout the 2nd Globe War.  Need to America, Russia, and the EU not understand lessons from our shared and specific histories? The unreal embodiment of great intentions and piety demonstrated by all in this war reminds us all that we are not inhabitants of a rational and 21st-century awareness-based civilized environment. We are living in a perilous earth of our very own creating – not differentiating concerning evil and advantage in human thoughts and conduct. It is speedy starting to be obvious that NATO and the EU unsuccessful to grasp the truth of the present conflict and seem not able to aid Ukraine hold its rights to be a no cost member of world political devices of states.

Russia and its leaders must understand the humane urgency and agree to an fast ceasefire and test to resolve the problems via tranquil dialogue and surely not by the conquest of Ukraine. Any violations of mutual associations will have volcanic outcomes for Russian society by dehumanizing Russia&#8217s civic ideas and values. When noble ideals are misinterpreted,  it could drain out all the good characteristics of people and leaders. Political reasoning is a shared business within the worldwide units of governance to which The usa, Russia, and NATO unsuccessful to notice.  The sanctity of peace and values of human life will encompass open up-mindedness and readiness to pay attention and learn from every other&#8217s fears and expertise for peace, harmony, and viable neighborly associations.  What if President Putin, President Biden, and the EU leaders would meet in individual and maintain dialogue for peace-generating and conflict resolution?  The violent assumptions of NATO outreach to Eastern Europe and outrageous speculation of military services confrontations will guide nowhere &#8211 undoubtedly not to peace-making or conflict resolution. Who could acquire in these senseless and extravagant suggestions of electrical power and armed service warfare?  Absolutely None.  Rationality dictates aim good reasons for the great of people today, societies, and nations. The sudden plunge to the cataclysmic destruction of human societies and civilizations by the few is a deceptive notion and aims, no make any difference how powerful they declare to be.

The equality of human beings and point out sovereignty synthesizes an equal consideration and cure of all included in this warfare. The world awakening of the human soul and consciousness calls for an immediate ceasefire and return to deal with-to-encounter negotiation between Russia, Ukraine, NATO, and the EU. If they reject, definitely, a debacle could have unthinkable catastrophic outcomes for all on this planet.

Isn&#8217t it true that clever leaders and people usually commonly acknowledge reasoned information?

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in world security, peace, and conflict resolution with eager passions in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and writer of several publications like Worldwide Peace and Conflict Administration: Gentleman and Humanity in Lookup of New Wondering. Lambert Publishing Germany, May well 2012. His forthcoming book is entitled: Just one Humanity and The Remaking of World-wide Peace, Protection and Conflict Resolution