April 1, 2023


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Unilateral extension options in football contracts: Are they valid and enforceable?

Football goalkeeper on handshake background

Unilateral extension clauses (UECs) are contractual clauses that give one particular get together to a deal the unique correct to increase the employment relationship with the other bash. Unlike reciprocal clauses – the place both of those parties have to have to agree to the extension – UECs do not demand the two functions to consent to activating the clause. In the context of football, we frequently see UECs in favour of football clubs in employment contracts among gamers and golf equipment.

This posting examines:

  • where and how UECs are applied in football

  • why they have proved to be controversial and

  • what jurisprudence at the Courtroom of Arbitration for Activity (CAS) has mentioned about the legality of these types of clauses.

The post will conclude by briefly contemplating whether or not, and how, UECs could be controlled going ahead.


Tiran Gunawardena