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What Constitutes Burglary In Louisiana?

As opposed to robbery, burglary is generally a non-confrontational crime with scarce instances of witnesses to the criminal offense. Louisiana law terms theft as an unauthorized entry into any construction with the intention to commit a felony or theft therein.

What Constitutes Burglary In Louisiana?

Men and women charged with the intent to dedicate theft could deal with felony prices and severe penalties these as restitution, fines, and jail time. Which is why we will summarize critical regulations surrounding the theft offense and its achievable penalties.

Theft might arise in different types constituting unauthorized entry with the intent to commit theft or felony. Some of the noteworthy kinds of theft offenses entailed in the Louisiana law consist of

Basic Theft

Beneath Louisiana legislation La. R.S. 14:60, Simple burglary is described as the unauthorized coming into of any dwelling, motor vehicle, watercraft, or other structure, movable or immovable, or any cemetery, with the intent to dedicate a felony or any theft therein.

Straightforward Theft of an Inhabited Dwelling

Easy Theft of an Inhabited Dwelling, in accordance to La. § R.S. 14:62.2, refers to the unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling dwelling, apartment, or other composition applied as a residence or position of abode by a person or folks with the intent to dedicate a felony or theft.

Aggravated Burglary

Beneath Louisiana La. R.S. 16:60, Aggravated burglary is the unauthorized entry of any inhabited dwelling, or of any construction, watercraft, or movable where a person is current, with the intent to dedicate a felony or theft. The alleged offender falls under any of the adhering to conditions

  1. The offender is armed with a risky weapon
  2. If, soon after entering, the offender arms himself with a perilous weapon
  3. If the offender commits battery on any person

Unauthorized Entry of a Essential Infrastructure

In accordance to La. R.S. 14:61, unauthorized entry of significant infrastructure is the entrance, with no authority, into any composition or a premise belonging to an additional get together that constitutes a critical infrastructure and is completely enclosed by any kind of actual physical barrier.

Crucial infrastructure consists of sites like chemical production vegetation, pipeline methods, electrical transmission substations, oil refineries, ports, and water ingestion facilities.


Looting is the intentional entry of a dwelling or framework belonging to a different bash, applied in full or in section, as a house or location of abode or position of enterprise. La. R.S. 14:62.5 notes that the entrance have to be produced devoid of authorization when standard residence safety is not current due to the existence of a hurricane, flood, fireplace, or power majeure of any sort.

Home Invasion

Residence invasion as per La. R.S. 14:62.8 refers to the unauthorized getting into of any inhabited dwelling or other construction belonging to another and employed in complete or in component as a home or spot of abode by a human being with the intent to use drive or violence on a man or woman to vandalize, deface, or injury the residence of a different.

What Are Criminal Fines and Jail Time for Theft?

Offenders convicted of demonstrated theft offenses are culpable based on the nature of the burglary. Punishments for numerous varieties of theft are as follows

Uncomplicated Burglary

Underneath Louisiana Revised Statutes Part 14:62, whoever commits the criminal offense of basic theft shall be fined not extra than two thousand dollars, imprisoned with or without tough labor for not much more than twelve yrs, or each.

In the same Subsection, the offender could be more sentenced if they had been armed. “If the offender, whilst committing the criminal offense of very simple theft, is armed with a firearm or, just after entering, arms himself with or possesses a firearm, the offender shall be imprisoned with or without the need of challenging labor for not a lot less than three nor additional than twelve years.

Aggravated Theft

Less than La. R.S. 14:60, whoever commits the crime of aggravated burglary shall be imprisoned at difficult labor for not considerably less than one nor much more than thirty several years.

Very simple Theft of an Inhabited Dwelling

La R.S. 14:16.2 (B) states that whoever commits the crime of uncomplicated burglary of an inhabited dwelling shall be imprisoned at difficult labor for not less than one particular 12 months nor far more than 12 yrs.

Property Invasion

With the actuality that a home invasion is a typical sort of burglary, La. R.S 62.8 states that whoever commits the crime of dwelling invasion shall be fined not far more than $5,000 and shall be imprisoned at really hard labor for no fewer than just one 12 months nor more than 30 yrs.

Unauthorized Entry of a Significant Infrastructure

Offenders who dedicate unauthorized entry into a important infrastructure will be punished with a sentence of imprisonment with or without hard labor, for up to 5 decades and/ or a good of up to $ 1,000, or both of those.


These persons convicted of looting could face a sentence of imprisonment at tough labor for up to 15 several years and/ or a wonderful of up to $10,000. Looting crimes dedicated through a point out of unexpected emergency declared by a governor or C.E.O. of any parish is punishable by a least great of $5,000 up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment at tough labor for a bare minimum of 3-15 many years.

Authorized Assistance

In situations exactly where you or liked just one is dealing with theft costs in Louisiana, a felony protection lawyers can give lawful counsel and support.

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