What is Required for Willful Infringement and Enhanced Damages?

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by Dennis Crouch

Cisco Units v. SRI Int&#8217l. (Supreme Court docket 2022) [Petition for Writ of Certiorari]

In a new petition for writ of certiorari, Cisco asks for advice on whether improved damages beneath Section 284 demand &#8220egregious infringement actions&#8221 or alternatively is it ample to obtain &#8220deliberate or intentional infringement?”

The circumstance has been up and down now.  Below are the principles:

  • Jury Verdict: A jury sided with the patentee SRI in excess of Cisco and awarded $23 million in damages and also uncovered the infringement willful.
  • Enhanced Damages: Despite the fact that the jury made the decision willfulness, the award of improved damages is performed by the judge.  Below, the district court docket relied on the jury verdict and doubled the damage award as permitted by 35 U.S.C. § 284.
  • Vacated on Charm: In 2019, the Federal Circuit vacated &#8212 holding that the district courtroom must emphasis on irrespective of whether the infringer&#8217s conduct was the &#8220wanton, destructive, and poor-faith habits essential for willful infringement.”
  • 2nd-Prospect No Improved Damages: On remand, the district court docket acknowledged saw heightened common and concluded that the evidence introduced was not enough to satisfy this seemingly new need.
  • Reversed on Attractiveness: Again on enchantment in 2021, the Federal Circuit clarified that it had no intent to produce a heightened need in its first impression of the scenario: &#8220it was not our intent to create a heightened necessity for willful infringement.”  So, the court reinstated the jury’s finding of willfulness, and  also reinstated the award of enhanced damages.
  • Supreme Court: The new petition asks two queries &#8220(1) No matter whether improved damages under 35 U.S.C. § 284 may perhaps be awarded absent a discovering of egregious infringement behavior and (2) Regardless of whether the court of appeals may perhaps award improved damages with out very first allowing the district court to training its discretion to make your mind up that problem.&#8220

The setting up place for enhanced damages really should commence with the statutory text found in 35 U.S.C. § 284.   The text is simple and open up finished and does not spot any substantive restrictions on the courtroom about when damages may perhaps be improved: &#8220the courtroom may possibly increase the damages up to three occasions the volume discovered or assessed.&#8221 § 284.  Portion 284 really should be contrasted with Part 285, which permits for award of attorney charges to the prevailing social gathering, but only in &#8220extraordinary instances.&#8221

The Supreme Courtroom reviewed enhanced damages in some depth in Halo Electronics, Inc. v. Pulse Electronics, Inc., 579 U.S. 93 (2016).  In that situation, the Supreme Court docket rejected the Federal Circuit&#8217s considerably rigid two-portion take a look at for enhanced damages in favor of a a lot more versatile technique coupled with district courtroom discretion.  The court&#8217s &#8220principal problem&#8221 with prior Federal Circuit precedent was &#8220that it call for[d] a acquiring of goal recklessness in each situation just before district courts could award improved damages.&#8221  In Halo, the court docket pointed out that the objectively reckless regular intended that &#8220lots of of the most culpable offenders&#8221, &#8220deliberate wrongdoers&#8221 could be excluded from punishment by cobbling jointly an excuse following-the-reality.  The court cited to its old precedent in Seymour v. McCormick, 16 How. 480 (1854) &#8211 concentrating on punishing the &#8220wanton and malicious pirate&#8221 who deliberately steals the patentee&#8217s company.

For the most element, the old conditions cited by the Supreme Court docket usually emphasis on &#8220wanton and willful breaches&#8221 by the defendant as justification for enhanced damages.  Hence, we typically converse of increased damages only in terms of &#8220willful infringement.&#8221 Some aged cases employed increased damages for full payment, but the Supreme Court docket in Halo concluded that those people justifications were eradicated by the merger of Regulation & Fairness and the availability of legal professional expenses beneath Part 285.

With this history, the adjudged infringer here argues that it need to not be held liable given that &#8211 as the district courtroom held, “[t]below is no considerable proof that Cisco’s infringement was ‘wanton, malicious, and terrible-religion.’”  The Federal Circuit did not disagree with that conclusion, but instead ultimately concluded in its 2021 choice that increased damages need to have not be tied to &#8220undesirable faith&#8221 or &#8220egregious&#8221 carry out. Rather, it is ample to clearly show that the defendant engaged in &#8220deliberate or intentional infringement.”  Listed here, evidence of understanding of the patent adopted by induced infringement and then coupled with weak demo defenses were sufficient for a reasonable jury to uncover the infringement willful.

SRI&#8217s responsive quick is due April 18, 2022, whilst there is a superior probability that they will not respond unless requested by the Supreme Court docket.

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Just one be aware: the jury was instructed to only discover willfulness on &#8220crystal clear and convincing proof&#8221 that the &#8220defendant truly understood or really should have acknowledged that its actions constituted an unjustifiably substantial threat of infringement of a valid and enforceable patent.&#8221

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