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What Is the Penalty for Aggravated Possession of Drugs in Ohio?

For individuals struggling with drug possession expenses in Ohio, you could be wanting to know what the penalties are for aggravated possession of medications and what the change is involving possession and aggravated possession.

Below, we’ll just take a appear at the variations among these two charges and the probable penalties that you may confront with an aggravated possession demand.

What is an Aggravated Drug Demand?

An aggravated drug cost is most most likely to arise when you face a charge of drug possession where by you are suspected of purposefully acquiring or using the subsequent:

  • Amphetamines
  • Methamphetamines
  • A prescription opioid painkiller when you have no prescription

According to Segment 2915.11 of the Ohio Revised Code, no man or woman “shall knowingly obtain, have, or use a managed material or a managed substance analog.” There are exceptions to this, this sort of as pharmacists and other accredited health and fitness specialists who can prescribe drugs – but if you do not meet the few exceptions stated, you could confront an aggravated possession cost.

The point out of Ohio follows the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) definition of what is thought of a controlled compound. Below this classification system, Program I and Plan II substances are made use of to categorize an aggravated drug cost.

What’s The Variance Amongst Possession and Aggravated Possession?

As beforehand described, Ohio makes use of the DEA’s definition of substances using the Plan process. For another person struggling with a drug possession charge, Schedules III by means of V will generally be applied.

Medicine that slide underneath Schedules III by means of V include things like:

  • Ketamine
  • Tramadol
  • Diazepam

According to Portion 2915.11, a cost will be classified as aggravated possession of medicines if the medicine associated are “a compound, combination, planning, or material bundled in plan I or II”. Excluded from this are substances like cannabis, cannabis, heroin, LSD, and cocaine.

Medication that drop into Program I are generally substances that have not been federally acknowledged and that can make a significant, can be abused, and/or induce habit. Agenda II substances are medicine that serve no therapeutic goal but can also be abused and bring about serious health issues to folks.

What is The Normal Sentence for Drug Possession?

The achievable penalties for a drug possession demand, without the need of it escalating to an aggravated status, will fluctuate dependent on various elements. These elements can consist of the form of drug and how much of the drug is concerned.

Virtually just about every drug possession demand will be approached as a felony. A felony cost means that jail time and fines are a actual possibility.

Standard penalties for a fifth-degree felony contain 6-12 months in jail and a fantastic of up to $2,500.

What Is The Sentence for Aggravated Possession of Medication in Ohio?

The potential penalties for aggravated possession of medicines in Ohio also fluctuate by the substance concerned and the amount of money. The most affordable amount demand is a fifth-diploma felony.

As previously described, a charge can maximize dependent on the variety of medications concerned. For case in point, a cost can be elevated to a third-diploma felony if the unique was possessing considerably less than 5 moments the bulk quantity of the drug.

Obligatory prison time can final result from convictions for third through first degree felonies.

The highest penalties for felony rates associated with aggravated drug possession in Ohio are as follows:

Demand Highest Jail Expression Maximum Fine
Fifth Degree Felony 6-12 months $2,500
Fourth Diploma Felony 6-18 months $5,000
Third Diploma Felony 9-36 months $10,000
Second Degree Felony 2-8 several years $15,000
First Degree Felony 11 many years $20,000

If you are dealing with an aggravated drug possession demand or you have concerns relating to a particular penalty for aggravated possession of medicine in Columbus Ohio, reach out to the Maher Legislation Organization nowadays. An knowledgeable Columbus legal defense law firm will be equipped to assistance tutorial you by means of this tough time.

Communicate With a Columbus Ohio Drug Possession Lawyer for Aid

If you have been billed with drug possession or aggravated drug possession in the Columbus Ohio place, think about achieving out to a drug possession law firm. Colin Maher of the Maher Legislation Company has yrs of knowledge furnishing legal information and managing drug possession prices throughout Franklin County and the bordering spots.

He features fully free of charge cellular phone consultations at 614-205-2208. You can also get to out with concerns connected to costs and penalties for aggravated possession of medications or any other criminal or targeted visitors cost in Columbus Ohio through our on the internet contact sort.

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