October 1, 2023


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Work From Where Your Customers Are – In the States and Overseas

Distributed work place see the world

I sat in on an outstanding webinar this early morning introduced by The American Lawyer, on their 2021 survey of the Am Law 200 (200 biggest companies in the United States).

Most striking, for me, was that 39% of the biggest 100 companies planned to cut down business office space/actual estate in the in close proximity to time period as a result of additional dispersed (remote) function pressure.


The selection of massive companies lessening space getting higher than the upcoming 100 was that they had additional space to cut down.

The prime 100 companies rented “back office” space for administrative offices absent from class A space they rented for the attorneys. Some of the space was even rented in other considerably less high priced metropolitan areas.

The biggest companies also have additional satellite offices in the States and overseas. In search of strategic opportunities a little selection of attorneys have been established up in these satellite offices.

With extensive acceptance of performing remote, purchasers don’t have a trouble with attorneys not obtaining offices. Satellites can now be opened with out offices or satellite offices opened, with the attorneys performing at property.

Acquired me contemplating of performing “remote on the go.” Market my household and get rid of a great deal of belongings I actually don’t use any longer.

I go function in metropolitan areas where we are wanting to expand our contributing legal bloggers. Relatively than practically meeting new neighborhood associates and companions, I get to invest time with them while I am residing in their city.

I stay in Airbnb’s in metropolitan areas in the States and overseas. I needn’t have a property foundation, for every se.

Insane? Probably not.

  • A contemporary commence on existence.
  • No higher bills – perhaps considerably less tax-wise.
  • See new spots.
  • Devote time in spots I have not spent significantly time ahead of.
  • Meet up with people I have not fulfilled ahead of and invest time with all those I have.
  • Get to know spots and people that I actually don’t when it is fly in and fly out in four or five times.
  • Master how to do additional to assistance people.
  • I really like function when it is about the people and the spots.

You usually listen to people chatting of “Go see the world.”

This could be the route.