Do Traditional Legal Publishers Understand Legal Blogging?

Claud Mccoid

‘The main reason media stalwarts could not realize blogging is that they could not see beyond their all-too-common containers and distribution mechanisms. They have been too entrapped in their dogmas.“

This from media and blogging veteran, Om Malik writing on the long run of media.

Media gamers could not cater to regular visitors the approaches that bloggers could.

Timothy Lee, an independent journalist who earlier wrote for the Washington Submit, Vox, and Ars Technica, cited by Malik, puts it well.

Our salaries have been supported by marketing. To make the entire job fiscally practical, we required a great deal of visitors. Basically talking, that meant bringing in a great deal of new readers.”

Legal bloggers do not will need a great deal of visitors. Bloggers address niches much down the extensive tail exactly where a tiny audience on the lookout for pertinent details, perception and commentary brings organization … Read More