3 Tests You Should Always Take Prep Classes For

Claud Mccoid

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Sometimes, you can cram for a test a few hours before and ace it with flying colors. Other times, you can prep for months and still not feel totally prepared. When it comes to taking a test that could determine your future path, you want to make sure you always start studying well in advance. The earlier you start, the more you’ll learn and the more confidence you’ll have in your abilities. Here are some tests you should always take prep classes for. 

  1. United States Medical Licensing Examination

The USMLE is a three-part test that you start taking when you’re in medical school. Each section of the test is taken at different times in your schooling, with the end result being your full medical licensing. Because the tests are so vital to your success as a doctor, you want to ensure that you always take the time necessary to prepare for them. 

Current doctors recommend that you start a USMLE prep course no later than nine months before each test. Starting your prep course early gives you plenty of time to study the material and still have time to work on your schooling. 

  1. Law School Admission Test

The LSAT is a test that law schools use for potential law students. The test covers reading comprehension, logical skills, and verbal reasoning abilities. It is typically taken at the end of your bachelor’s degree but before applying to law schools. Often, the score you get determines if a law school will accept you. Most current lawyers suggest preparing for the LSAT at least six months before you want to take the test.

  1. Scholastic Aptitude Test

If you’re in high school, you’ve likely heard a lot of talk about the SAT. The SAT is a test taken in the junior or senior year and can determine what college you get into. Not all colleges require the SAT, but doing well will always give you a leg up in the application process. Experts recommend starting your studying for the SAT about three months before you take the test.

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