June 24, 2024


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A Passage About Ukraine and Zelensky

From Tom McTague in The Atlantic, “What Volodomyr Zelensky’s Courage Says About the West”:

There can be something a little distasteful about Western onlookers (myself bundled) cheering on Ukrainians for a induce that our nations are not keen to be part of, a stance that pitfalls boosting the price tag of a peace that will be paid out only with Ukrainian blood. Yet, it is doable to figure out this, to be inspired by what Zelensky signifies, and then to be shamed by his example.

Listed here is a nation and a leader prepared to sacrifice so much for the principle of independence and the right to be part of the Western entire world. And but, considerably of the West is jaded and cynical, apparently devoid of any these types of mission, lead to, or feeling of idealism any more. What is it that the West thinks in now? When you feel of the wonderful liberal heroes of our age, Angela Merkel and Barack Obama, say, they are actually deeply pragmatic conservatives, continually hedging, calculating, and balancing pursuits with little grand vision or cause to pull their policies jointly. There is a lot to be claimed for this style of governance: As Helmut Schmidt, the previous chancellor of West Germany, as soon as quipped, “Whoever has visions really should go to the medical professional.” Visions led to the Iraq War, for illustration. Yet conservative pragmatism is also deeply limited, enabling adversaries like Vladimir Putin to acquire gain, exploiting caution and shortsighted selfishness….

In standing up to [Putin], Ukraine is articulating a sure concept of by itself that is righteous and dignified and heroic: virtues we prolonged in the past dismissed as aged-fashioned. How tragic it is that Zelensky’s concept has to be attacked for us to be reminded of ours.

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