October 4, 2023


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American Insomnia (In Poetic Prose – A Requiem for The us)

(In Poetic Prose, and not for every single reader, and not for dialogue
It is a requiem for The us)

Has it occurred to the reader, how lots of civilizations has been irretrievable shed-?
Buried by social upheavals with subsequent relapses to savagery?
Since of the decline of morals, legislation and get, violation of one’s Godly values, or for not possessing any values!
Rome, Babylon, Troy, Zimbabwe, Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cambodia, all of the Center East, would we delve its ruins, they will come up brief…
Metropolitan areas, and then international locations.
Quickly to be Globalism, and the Antichrist working the clearly show!
We glance for rusting mechanisms for dispute, incorporate some uncertain information, dogma, such as no a person can decipher, leaving our previous buddies like Israel, for the Bulls of Bashan-
I assure you this is not possible but certain: the quite historical past of The us in the in close proximity to upcoming, will become additional or significantly less legendary-
That is to say: no for a longer period predominant, or widespread…
If without a doubt it remains on its existing system.
Indeed, I am a speculative thinker, along diverse lines of believed.
We are now seeing the use of illimitable, illegitimate electricity by way of concentration, by our leaders!
From the outside the house in, and now from the inside-out, the growth of quick radicalism is getting spot
Legal guidelines getting bent to appease, and these so identified as quasi-friendships abroad, acquiring left The usa ignorant and broke!
The loss of freedoms due to political correctness, has shattered our Structure, our regulation enforcement, our military services-
And I can go on and on, but enough is ample…
We the people today are currently being set into an inescapable website, to the level one particular cannot even inquire a own dilemma that seethes within them.
The more I appear to know, the much more I am conquer by a perception the unbearable desires to be seize on with or by patriotism.
Chauvinism, -not slim-mindedness, but like the Roman soldier who fought with pride for a perception, will quickly be lifeless in our armed forces, and the will to combat for the flag, the just one now authorized to be trampled on by filthy heels of whomever, will be nowhere to be found!
It appears to me-around a lot discussion I’ve listened to-and all much too minor understanding within just all those discussions, the make any difference of what is and is not great for America, is overlooked-
Even by the FBI!
When God is long gone, all that is remaining to fulfill the hunger of the mongrel, is electric power, and therefore, electric power will take about!
This all will materialize on investigation.
Even in heaven, there was a war, and rules, and when Lucifer violated them and was judged for treason, there was a consequence.
Like Christ said: ‘Give to Caesar and God, to each and every what belongs to them.’
But both Caesar and Christ realized the value in retaining legislation, and values, experienced Rome not, it would not have ruled the planet for 400-many years.
We have dominated it for considerably less than a hundred, and we’re slipping aside.
Now in The us I am struck by the tone of our elected, or before long to be elected mental elite, on their discussions!
And those people who follow.
I doubt greatly if there is something of benefit remaining to be discovered.
Currently in The usa the mystery is: how is a single to know the truth of the matter, which is a issue so utterly unbelievable?
Potentially unsaid, but certainly imagined!
You vote for whom you want, and you get the governing administration in which just one should tolerate-
Considerably as I have developed to admire The united states, and have fought her wars, and experimented with to maintain her deep rooted values (which are no extended deep-rooted), elevated on old wondering and reasoning I suppose, I have turn into the most incomprehensible and alien becoming on earth to her now thousand distinctions, if not indifference!
I feel not to know her, as I when understood her.
Probably I am too simple of a man or woman, in a sophisticated planet.
Now as I look at The united states she offers me a lengthy unreadable glance.
Even though, I will never halt loving her.
On a several other ideas: if the law is not the exact for every person, why must any person continue to keep it?
Does not a male or female believe: if s/he can split it, so can I?
And of course, this is when the politicians stress, God forbid they consider like us!
The us wake up, you are walking in your slumber!
Plato reported in so many phrases: if the legislation doesn’t quit me from using a further man’s spouse subsequent-door, and the wife or husband is helpless, who’s to quit me?
In war if you do not fight fire with hearth you eliminate floor, you have to be worse than the enemy, lest you lay down and die, and who back home will ever be grateful, and treatment, other than your own liked kinds!
The globe at big bites its lip, turns an eye: out of sight, out of head-they phone soldiers ‘baby killers’ and turnabout and have an abortion, I have been termed that, down that road, on my return from South Vietnam, in 1971, I will not recall killing a child, but I know several who have, acquiring labored as a counselor in Federal and Condition prisons for a 10 years.
The usa, she is blind as a bat, alas, when she hears the reality, she even now will not acknowledge it: pride comes just before destruction, as the old saying goes.
So whomever is looking through this, be on your toes.

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