March 16, 2023


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Authorities, Economics, Ecology and the Human Condition

Western politics is derived from historic Greek philosophy, in which economics usually means ‘order of the house’ and ecology suggests ‘knowledge’ of the house’. Household, in this sense, refers to the biosphere in which we all reside. Until we put expertise of the ecology just before the order of the overall economy, humanity society will slide into dysfunction and chaos. Now that the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy has been observed to be fundamental to the freshly emerging Fullerene fractal lifetime science, the present entropic world-look at translates these kinds of conditions into an incoherent babble. Quantum organic chemistry, immediately associates the terms economics and ecology with both equally the product natural environment and the holographic actuality, past the comprehension of current economics and environmental science.

In the gentle of the higher than, the concern occurs, what is the medically ethical role of liable governmental assistance in benefiting the international human problem? The 20th Century French philosopher, Michel Foucault coined the expression ‘Governmentality’ to signify a governing administration that employs all factors necessary to set up a perfectly-purchased, happy society. This echoes Aristotle’s ethical politics to guideline ennobling government, an unattainable strategy with the present hypocrisy, enforced by the obsolete entropic logic governing the existing science of political administration. For example, 20th Century science was wholly ruled by Einstein’s ‘Premier legislation of all science’, which forbade any lifestyle-science to be element of the performing of fractal logic. Contemporary nanotechnology, and quantum entanglement has established the second law of thermodynamics to be a wrong assumption.

In buy to structure a performing design embracing Foucault’s ‘Governmentality’ principles, an suitable perception method would need to have to be manufactured to kind a sustainable ‘Social Cradle’ in which to take up the tradition shock that is most probable to final result from the knowledge pertaining to the discovery of the new Platonic-Fullerene chemistry. For its scientific growth in this space, the University of Florence’s New Measurement of Humanity Renaissance Undertaking has been given Presidential acclaim for its exploration enhancement of that very quantum organic everyday living-science chemistry. It can be viewed as that this important ‘Social Cradle’ idea, envisaged by Buckminster Fuller, in his ebook Utopia or Oblivion, is now of serious world-wide significance

The problems of profound variations amongst particular person autonomous governments, due to cultural and spiritual conflicts, obtainable organic methods, geographical positioning, climatic situations, etc., will want to be dealt with in the moral structure of the new chemistry. The concept of the balancing of both equally chemistries, has currently presented a eyesight of untold abundance, important to optimise the international human situation. The new technologies built to realize this condition of nicely staying, can be witnessed to be rising on to the drawing board for human survival, but they are unable to be comprehended by the existing unbalanced scientific mentality of Homo Entropicus. Quite a few folks intuit the likelihood of an upgrading of world consciousness, which, the 1937 Nobel Laureate in Drugs, Szent-Gyeorgyi, regarded would sooner or later just take area as a natural evolutionary development, when humanity learned to stability its current entropic obsessions.

To occur back again to our question, does accountable govt and economics have a spot in ‘the human condition’? The reply is a qualified sure, if Michel Foucault’s ‘Governmenality’ becomes internationally endorsed, as a balancing earth-view. This kind of a eyesight is reliable with Plato’s ethical politics and far more lately, Sir Isaac Newton’s unpublished conviction, learned very last century. In these writings, Newton thought of that the present entropic understanding of the mechanical universe, must be well balanced by a far more purely natural profound philosophy centered on the physics ideas now upholding the new Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry.