June 13, 2024


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Bercow Robbed of Final Golden Handshake

Despite possessing his reputation decimated in SW1, the damning bullying investigation into John Bercow left him remarkably &#8220un-cancelled&#8221 from his careers and positions, from college professorships to his JLA talking gig. Guido has a emotion a correct-winger would have suffered considerably much more experienced a report found them to be a serial liar and bully&#8230

On the day the report was printed, Tory MP Caroline Johnson prompt 1 program of action:

&#8220There are a selection of information of Mr Bercow’s time period in office environment during the making, which have to be viewed on a most likely day by day basis by his victims. In gentle of this report and the will need to established heritage in context, is there any intention on the section of Mr Speaker or the Speaker’s Business to put explanatory plaques alongside them—for example, upcoming to Mr Bercow’s portrait in Speaker’s Property?&#8221

In a similar vein, a single co-conspirator noticed that, in the Peers&#8217 staircase in parliament, there is a area of wall dedicated to previous speakers&#8217 coats of arms. A person piece of masonry has previously gilded, their dread becoming it experienced been finished so in anticipation of Mr Bercow&#8217s addition.

Worried, and hoping to stop an egregious waste of taxpayers&#8217 revenue on these types of a memorial, Guido endeavoured to get clarification for the co-conspirator. He now learns that only people Speakers who have been presented a peerage will be added to the wall, which means Bercow doesn&#8217t, and will hardly ever, qualify. As an extra precaution, the gold-painted area is well about five toes over the ground, which means Bercow can&#8217t sneak in and paint it himself&#8230