Beyond the 'mainstream' framing and distortion, key readings on Afghanistan

Claud Mccoid

Down generations echo
New bogus cries 
Of honour won
Very last duty performed
From land of conquest

Hasty exit
Empire’s legions crash and operate
Hubris hushed
Trumpets silenced
Liberal hats nonetheless urging on
Higher-tech helmets chased by turbans 
Righteous mission above-spun
Body weight of our so moral load
Imperial bondage theirs to discover
Great Activity upended
Deathly retailers
Spent armoury of lies and guns

The rapid fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban has been extensively taken care of by the Western political course and ‘mainstream’ media as a disastrous flip of gatherings. 

In real truth, further than the tragic human carnage and sordid abandonment, the humiliating retreat of US, British isles and other NATO forces represents a beneficial historic outcome in placing again the tyranny of imperialist invasion, occupation and plundering of states all around the globe.

And, whatsoever troubling governance to occur for Afghanistan, it reaffirms the final right of determination for indigenous peoples around rapacious external forces. 

Glenn Greenwald will make the elementary issue:

Afghanistan belongs to the persons of Afghanistan, not the U.S. and NATO.

In their chaotic retreat, we now glimpse the legitimate extent of the interventionist deceit and insanity of this warmongering mission.

Or maybe not so mad for some. For when it will come to the motivations and manoeuvres of electric power, you can find normally mercenary process in that insanity. 

For twenty several years, this crazy 2.26 trillion dollar invasion and profession, ensuing in at the very least 241,000 fatalities, has served the interests of company arms firms and their political sponsors. 

That interfering madness will continue on in Afghanistan, as elsewhere, in no matter what devious form.

Nonetheless, as with Vietnam and the slide of Saigon, the liberation of Afghanistan and uncomplicated seize of Kabul illustrates the newest historic failure of imperial invasion and regime improve as a product of regulate.

As individuals who ran and labored for the profession clamber on to the last exiting planes, we see the true fragility of that entity and its spurious statements: the wrong narratives of ‘state building’ and ‘democratisation’ the so-termed ‘quest for peace and stability’, whilst relentlessly bombing the state and murdering its men and women the proclaimed ‘concern’ for educating, guarding and advancing women of all ages and women. 

If only our media had been telling individuals the truth about the ‘winning war’. If only the community had been thoroughly knowledgeable about the systemic corruption and capricious mother nature of the West’s puppet routine. If only, as with serious journalists like Julian Assange and Wikileaks, they experienced been exposing the mass war  crimes of the US and its political allies

As the previous United kingdom troops and Uk Ambassador left Afghanistan, British state media could only echo the platitudes of ‘honourable service’ trotted out by Boris Johnson and navy officers, failing even to mention the deaths, displacement and struggling of the Afghan people.  

Luckily, further than the amplifier BBC and other electric power-serving media, we have a prosperity of knowledgeable, probing and truthful journalism to rely on. 

Please study and share:

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The Terrific Match: The Truth of Britain’s War in Afghanistan 
(from 2011)

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