September 22, 2023


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Coaching Lawyers To Blog, a Gift Revived

Jayne Reardon, Executive Director of the Illinois Supreme Courtroom Commision on Professionalism, interviewed me a few weeks back on the subject matter of authorized blogging.

The interview was inspiring (more than she understands) as we talked of running a blog as a usually means of contributing to the law, offering legal professionals and the general public higher entry to the regulation, increasing one’s repution as a lawyer and making associations.

Inspiring for me for a couple explanations. A single, lawyers and authorized entrepreneurs largely chat of weblogs as a inexpensive marketing and advertising gimmick. Quite a few will unethically have ghost writers suggest the “blog” was prepared by the law firm. Reardon’s job interview took legal running a blog to a further degree – why legal blogging is critical to legal professionals and the community, and how so.

And two, it felt fantastic to discuss with a person what authorized running a blog is all about – how it performs – how lives change, the two the blogging lawyers and the public recipients of the info. I do not get that prospect each and every day.

For eighteen several years, I’ve been talking about legal running a blog as a way for lawyers to support folks and raise their reputations as a law firm. Eighteen many years is a long time.

I’ve been contemplating I’m also exhausted and far too old to keep waving the legal running a blog flag – and to keep educating legal professionals what blogging implies, the exact same way more than once more.

But men and women don’t stop sharing a present they have, and for whatsoever explanation I a have gift for serving to legal pros blog site – for themselves and the the community. Form of insane.

Coaches do not just quit coaching gamers how to play defense, run a route or play the pivot. Invoice Bilicheck is a on run of 30 yrs as mentor of the Patriots, and Greg Popovich (Pop), 25 years as coach of the Spurs.

There’s also a lot of legal professionals out there now I can aid who ended up ten, fifteen or twenty many years previous – a considerably cry from remaining a lawyer – back when I began coaching on legal blogging.

Reardon’s job interview alongside with some encouraging words and phrases from a pair friends, a pair inspiring recent visits to my alma mater, College of the Pacific – McGeorge Faculty of Regulation, and a couple coaching sessions with solo practitioners previous week have fueled me.

“With a small assistance from my friends”

And the interview…