October 4, 2023


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Common Internal Injuries Victims May Sustain From a Car Accident in Seattle

Car accidents often end up causing injuries to the people involved in them. Along with external damage, it is not uncommon for car accident survivors to experience internal issues such as internal bleeding. These injuries are more risky and damaging as they do not have obvious or easily visible symptoms. They will remain undetected unless the victim goes for a thorough medical examination by a healthcare professional.

If not detected and treated within time, those injuries will worsen and develop into more complex and fatal issues. If you are injured in a car accident in Seattle, seek immediate medical help.

Why is a medical examination essential?

When a car crash occurs, the victim’s injuries are assessed by everyone around them, including the person affected. However, such an assessment can only cover apparent physical injuries. You cannot naturally assess injuries and damage caused to the body’s internal parts. It requires a proper medical examination by a professional. Tests like X-rays and CT scans are required to check the extent of damage caused to the accident victim. Most of the time, even the affected person fails to recognize or feel the injuries due to an adrenaline rush. Therefore, getting a proper medical examination right after the accident is essential.

Types of Internal Injuries

The type and extent of injuries differ due to the accident’s severity. The severity is decided by the speed and momentum causing the crash. The common kinds of injuries include:

  • Fractures.
  • Damaged ribs.
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Damage to internal organs like the kidney and liver.
  • Bleeding in the brain.
  • Rupture in the spleen.
  • Injuries causing trauma to the brain.

The doctor can help in treating internal injuries accordingly as soon as you get your physical examination done.

Symptoms of Internal Injuries

Despite the difficulty in the natural assessment of internal injuries, some victims may experience common symptoms following an accident. These include: 

  • Feeling extreme pain

If the victim has an injury to the internal organs, they may experience pain and tenderness near the affected area. The level of pain depends on the severity and impact of the accident.

  • Nausea followed by vomiting.

 It is prevalent for car accident victims to experience dizziness and nausea after the crash. However, if the victim ends up vomiting blood after the accident, it could be the implication of a severe medical issue. It should be taken seriously and treated promptly.

  • Severe bruises

Bruises are normal after car crashes. However, if the bruises look abnormally severe, it can be a sign of internal bleeding. To be on the safe side, make sure to get it checked professionally.

  • Coldness

If the person is feeling extremely cold after the accident, it can indicate internal bleeding, as bleeding in the internal body affects the body’s temperature.