October 3, 2022


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Connecting Lawyers With People, For Good, Since 2003

“Connecting lawyers with folks, for good, given that 2003,” feels like a a lot nicer – or at minimum a more experienced – mantra than “We establish weblogs for lawyers.” The latter from when we kicked matters off at LexBlog in November, 2003.

The World wide web is about connecting with folks in a true and personal way. Usually has been, constantly will be.

There’s no such factor as differentiating in between a “virtual world” and a “face-to-face” earth.” One earth, unique mediums of engagement. Engagement leading to personal relationships of belief.

The very last two weeks I heard yet again about the latent authorized market place in the United States. First at Clio Con and this week at LMA Yearly.

Relying on the study, seventy-five to eighty-five per cent of folks with a authorized challenge – and who might be in a position to find the money for a attorney – do not use a attorney.

The huge factors are that they don’t belief lawyers, they don’t know what lawyers do and, even if they did, they don’t know how to discover a good attorney.

Reveals you that in spite of lawyers, collectively, paying out billions of dollars on promotion and internet marketing – directories, Search engine marketing, information internet marketing, Google AdWords, Google my Business, choosing marcom gurus, and more – lawyers are not connecting with their market place.

Current market this means folks, regardless of whether client, company govt, in-home counsel, modest business man or woman or a further attorney.

“Connecting” with folks in an personal style so they know you as “the lawyer” in a niche who cares about what they do and who they to do it for – and stays abreast of developments in their area – is how you get to this latent authorized market place.

Since 2003, I have felt blogging to be a solution to the chasm in between lawyers and folks. A chasm that denies millions of authorized products and services and leaves hundreds of 1000’s of lawyers dwelling hand to mouth.

But, for what ever motive, I have not constantly felt cozy wearing a mantra for blogging proclaiming a higher goal on my sleeve.

Building weblogs for lawyers, authorized weblogs and strategic consulting, managed WordPress platform for the law, networking by way of the World wide web, electronic media answers for the law and authorized web site group. All tag strains or glib phrases describing what we do.

None of them felt proper. ”Blah, blah, blah.”

They had been tactics, not a mission.

None felt like something crew members would proudly say when responding to a relatives member who requested more than Thanksgiving supper exactly where they worked.

“LexBlog, we link lawyers with folks, for good,” sounds great as a crew member passes the cranberries across the desk.

I don’t know that we need to be repeating our mantra – our goal – in all places. But we sure as heck should know why we exist, why we get up every single morning and why we commit more time at LexBlog than with our people.

Instead than conversing tactics with crew members, something I am acknowledged to notoriously hate and suck at, I need to be conversing the why.

I have constantly favored Clio’s mission of “transforming the observe of law, for good.” And in pursuit of that mission, producing seamless answers so that lawyers can link with folks and provide authorized products and services so as to help lawyers get to this big latent authorized market place.

For good, this means not only to help folks, but for as soon as and for all – immediately after all the well intentioned discuss of other folks that they had been likely to do so.

It’s this mission that drives Clio’s crew members, retains their crew members and lands wise, passionate, gritty and driven new crew members.

And which lands new shoppers. Shoppers who want to operate with a husband or wife centered on something greater than by themselves. A husband or wife centered on the better good.

So with Jack consenting and telling me a one off just means more are becoming a member of the lead to, I’m likely to start wearing the mantra of “connecting lawyers with folks, for good” on my sleeve.

And conversing about our lead to with my crew members and partners.

As a group of authorized bloggers, not just LexBlog, we can link lawyers with folks, for good.